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Friday, November 13, 2009,
hello blogosphere, i'm back!

After decades of not blogging due to some problems, I'm finally back now!
hey people, thdelex's is back on the second. why second?
cause this is somehow my second blog, not much different, though.

Thanks to that unknown human who hacked my previous blog.
yes, the blog where i have been ranting and stuffs for two years.
well, i have learnt my lesson and that shall not repeat, ever again.

One month plus have passed in a flash where i have been missing
from blogosphere. I'm glad that I'm officially back! wee.
i simply love blogging, and will never stop, period.

went through thick and thin throughout the previous month.
went out with buddies, as usual and stayed home most of the time.
yups, that's prolly what i have been doing the previously.

anyway, i have been going for audition and all.
one of them is Teens magazines. and just got a call from them.
going for a second audition tomorrow! super excited yet nervous.
this wasn't expected cause i thought i screw everything on the first audition.

well, least you guys could do, is wish me all the best eh.
and that will obviously boast the confident in me, ha!
you could wish me through the tag board, though.
much appreciated.

hmm quite satisfied with the way things are, now.
gonna be ready for tml's audition.
done with my first post, please come back for more.
assure you the best in posting, cross heart ( like again)! ha.
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