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Saturday, May 29, 2010,
Hachiko, A Dog's story.

Last night, i was rather bored and had the sudden urge to catch watch a dvd, i then looked through the tons of dvds that are partially covered with dust and finally i decided to watch Hachiko which was released some time back. since i first saw the advertisements and poster of the movie when it was first released, i knew that it was gonna be a heartbreaking or rather awfully sad movie. i decided to catch the movie but eventually missed the movie for some reason.

i finally had the chance to watch it last night after so long. i know right, I'm way to slow but it's better late than never. anyhow the movie is based on a true story from Japan, Hachi: A Dog's Tale is a moving film about loyalty.

so here goes the story,

In modern days, a classroom filled with young students gave oral presentations about their heroes. A boy named Ronnie stood up and began to talk about 'Hachiko', his grandfather's dog. The previous year, Akita puppy shipped from Japan to America, but fell out of his cage in the baggage car of a train station the U.S. where he was discovered by professor Parker Wilson. Parker was immediately captivated by the dog and when Carl, the control station, refused to take him, Parker took the puppy home last night. but his wife didnt allowed him to keep hachi.

The next day Parker was hoping that someone had contacted the railroad station, but no one has. He sneaked the puppy to train and bring it to work, in which Japanese universities, Ken, translate the symbols on the collar of the puppy as 'Hachiko', Japanese for 'good luck'. Parker decided to call the dog 'Hachi'. Ken indicated that perhaps they are both destined to be together. Parker tries to play fetch with Hachi, but she refused to join. However, the wife finally agreed to let him keep the dog seeing how close Parker was with Hachi.

but parker passed away one fine day leaving Hachi alone.

At the railway station, Hachi waited patiently as the train arrived, but no sign of Parker. He remained, lying in the snow, for several hours, until the child-in-law of Parker Michael came to pick up. The next day, Hachi back to the station and wait, rest all day and all night. Over time, Hachi Cate sell the house and sent to live with her daughter Andy, Michael and Ronnie their new baby. However, at the first opportunity, he escaped and eventually found his way back to the old house and then to the train station, where he sat at the usual place, eating a hot dog given to him by a local vendor. Andy immediately after arrival and take him home, but let him out the next day to return to the station.

Hachi started sleeping beneath the damaged train cars, remain on guard in the daytime and survival of food and water given to him by the local butcher.

Years passed, and still Hachi waited. Arriving at the station, the wife, cate was surprised to see Hachi, old, dirty and weak, still maintaining his vigil. Overcome, Cate sat and waited for the next train with hachi. That night, Hachi makes regular trips to the place where he lay and fell asleep, dreaming Parker. hachi never failed to wait for parker's arrival, whom was supposed to be coming out of the railway door then giving hachi a hug.

i absolutely respect Hachi for its loyalty. a dog with loyalty!

Friday, May 28, 2010,
The Pixar exhibition.

See how efficient i am in blogging! went to Pixar exhibition yesterday and here i am the day after blogging about it, ahaha! provided only when theres event or outing. anyway i was with Joey who was invited by Omy to attend this Pixar event along with other bloggers and one of their companion. weeeee ;)

We were attending a PIXAR EXHIBITION hence me being quite excited!

Oh and I'm gonna admit that i have always been late for our meetups! needless to say about yesterday! ahaha. we were late so we decided to drop off at Jurong and we then took a cab to Science centre which were only 10 minutes away. panicking, not wanting to be late cause the last registration was only few minutes away. we eventually arrived just in time for the pixar exhibition.

we did have some time before the event started so me and Joey went roaming around looking at those cute soft toys. here are the pictures i took!

Bought this cute glass cups for cousin and myself, random.

Monsters Inc Mascot outside! its a sad thing that it doesn't moves around!

This thing is amazing! like seriously. don't know how to describe it!

Photos below are in random order. anyhow I'm pretty amazed by how those wonderful collection of drawings being displayed up on the wall. they're just so excellent! of course, to make a movie or animation takes a hugeload of time. especially when the artist need to come up with different ideas and drawings. how i wish i can be one of them who can draw any kind of cartoon character in a flash with it looking just so great! hence me intending to apply for Digital Animation! wondering if it's same? no? ahaha.

Nicely made sculpture, Love it!

Me looking so retarded. thanks to the person who took this bad photo! tsk.
and a collage of me camwhoring at home, even when i was dead beat! ahaha.

Sunday, May 23, 2010,
My current obsession!

So as you guys know, I'm officially one of the thousands/millions who are using iPhone. iPhone is indeed very common but nah it's okay. the outside might be the same, but the inside is totally different. from the games, the songs and of course the photos. each individuality have their own uniqueness. the best thing about owning an iPhone is that there are many varieties of iPhone covers to choose from!

Hence me planning to buy all sorts of iPhone covers, of course fanciful ones. it can be match with our outfit or even our mood! so currently i have only 4 iPhone covers which is kinda pathetic and i intend to get more if i ever pass by shops that sells iPhone covers that caught my attention.

everytime i passby any shop that have display of the covers, i will go in and take a look at those covers. even my cousin have to stop me from buying them and remind me that i already have few of them at home. but sometimes i just take a look at the covers cause some may not be as fanciful or its not my type.

now let me show you my collection!

1st - "Flip" cover with something like snake/rough texture!

2nd - typical rubber cover!

3rd - Chocolate iphone cover!

Pretending it's edible! ahahaha.

4th - France Iphone cover!

So that's my current collection of the covers! pardon me for the fugly photos, hope you guys don't mind. will be updating again about the iPhone covers only if i manage to get another 4. that's ridiculous! but will try getting one by one ;P

Sunday, May 16, 2010,
Long or short hair?

Oh so i regretted having my impromptu decision to have my hair cut two days ago.i had mine my hair trimmed weeks ago and i find it too thick recently thus the decision made. the person cut my hair short despite me asking for a trim only. while i was busy looking at something else while the person was cutting my hair, i realised that he was cutting my hair too short so i told him not to cut it any shorter. afterall this is my second time, my hair had been ruined by him.

initially i didn't even intend to have him helping me with the haircut, since he already ruined my hair the other time. that was when i swore to myself not to let him snap my hair anymore! i was hoping that the lady who cut my hair weeks ago would be free to cut mine but unfortunately she was with other customer. hence the guy cutting my hair, eventually.

i once again, swore to myself as to be more wary of the people snapping my hair the next time round. and of course, would never ever let that exact same guy to cut my hair! its not that i hate him, well everyone has their own preference. & i prefer barber who makes my hair looks nicer instead of the other way round.But after i had my hair cut, my cousins and some other people commented that it's not that bad and that it's neater than my thick-messy-hairstyle! ahahaha. frankly i don't know which hairstyle suits me lar! oh and I'm getting sick of my current hair colour which i dyed 2 or 3 weeks ago, me wants new hair colour!

seriously i can't remember how many time i had my haircut ruined by barbers! it's uncountable, especially years ago! urgh how i wish i have a particular hairstylish who i will go to every single time i need a haircut without coming out of the salon with a belly sad face! professional hairstylish that is, oh i am dreaming again!

Oh! and before it slips my mind, i thought of doing a hairstyling tutorial but due to the disaster haircut i had, it had to be postpone. maybe in a week or two then i shall do it. don't worry, my hair grows pretty fast la! ahaha.



So which do you prefer? Long or short hair? ahahhahaha :)

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