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Monday, November 15, 2010,
It has been six years..

Since i last sat down infront of a desktop and pen down my thoughts on this tiny space of mine, which is sometime a hassle. not really 6 years, though. like few weeks! and that's terrible enough so i decided to blog about something reluctantly, with coffee sweets lying around on the computer table.

and some of you might be wondering what's the reason for not blogging. LAZY is the only word i could think of. cause everytime I'm ready to blog about some things, it's either i don't have the motivation to blog or i will tend to procastinate. and also i think that it's a must for me to get the skin of this blog changed cause i can't stand the black background any longer! but unfortunately i know nuts about codings. i seriously need help! rawrr.

back to the caption "It has been six years...."

since i last met my primary school mates! we awfully didn't contact one another that much after taking out PSLE results. of course, we went our own ways, get into a secondary school to our preference and made new friends. but we didn't exactly forgotten about our primary school mates, though. we have been keeping in touch through facebook and we finally decided to meet a couple of days ago. like after six years of not meeting. awesome much?

we had fun the whole afternoon spending time with each other at some malls located in town. they're still as hilarious as before! like a bunch of jokers :)

Left: Rayvin, Front: Wei long, Center: Sharifah & Back: Jacqueline

Something i love to do is to take photograph of beautiful scenery like this.

And we decided to do jumpshot. take #1: All not Readyy.

Take #2: Everyone seems shocked for no specific reason.
must be the bad photographer. i know right!

End result, epic. like what Jacqueline commented on facebook under this photo; "i somehow feel this photo is funny.. Rayvin with half head, sharifah big mouth.... and i like idiot..." ROFL.

Groupie shots! :D

I love this photo of them laughing. prove that we really had fun!

Sharifah always ready for camera, while Jacqueline observing her. lol!

Ending this post with individual photos! Toodles.

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