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Sunday, January 31, 2010,
Inconsiderate smokers!

I wasn't that aware that by inhaling smokes can actually cause us to fall sick.
not until yesterday when i visited my younger cousin who was brought to the hospital immediately when she had difficulty breathing.

it's believed that she was inhaling smokes unknowingly, probably when she was at the back of our house the other day with brother and friends who are known as the "heavy smokers", at least to me. she wasn't aware that by being a passive, or rather a "second-hand" smokers can be very dangerous! shes too young to know, anyway. she's been warded for three days and will eventually be discharge today for some reason. perhaps shes recovering well, hope so!

As a permanent smokers, you have to at least know when and where is the right time to light your cigarette butt. obviously, not somewhere near a minor and those who don't smokes since you already know that they will somehow be a passive smoker and what are the consequences of being one. you wouldn't want your precious one or the innocent ones to end up
being in a hospital just because of your inconsiderate acts, don't you?

cause when one is a passive smoker, the awfully consequences are causing you to have a disease, disability and death. that's the most heartless thing you could do when you're deliberately blowing smokes directly at someone's face. i had been a victim, and yes theres no doubt that i, myself is a passive smokers cause i usually hangs out with friends who smokes not knowing that being a second hand smoker is dangerous. but i do know, now! Omg.

according to the Wikipedia, the effects of being a passive smokers are;

Cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, brain tumor, ear/nose/throat infection, heart disease, lung problems, asthma and many more! that's absolutely alot just by being a passive smoker, don't you think so! torturing much.

some brainless smokers doesn't takes law seriously, thus you can see almost those places that are prohibited to smoking will have those inconsiderate smokers! they should be punish severely, period. especially to those who doesn't gives a hack to "warning" and thought that they are superior just by breaking the law. please! *roll eyes umpteen times*

some smokers just simply don't understand the word or sign that says;

"No Smoking. Prohibited by law"

I reckon every single one knows what it says, right! we're not that dumb can. even if an individual doesn't knows how to read it, they should get the idea when they see the sign/picture of an cigarette being crossed out. it's common sense people! so get the effed out of the places that are prohibited. be considerate, it doesn't kills to smoke at some other open air places.

sometimes i really feel pissed when some old uncle barge into the lift without even dumping his cigarettes, and the lift is later filled with smokes. and of course, those who are in the lift will then somehow be a second hand smoker! theres a time and place for everything. please think twice before lighting up your cigarette butts. if every single one of us takes this seriously, the world will absolutely be a better place to live in, without any doubt! hah.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010,
Hendersons waves, killer!

Went out with bobby yesterday to pass his sister something. a last minute
decision to meet so i just tagged along as i was bored at home.
brother initially wanted to follow but back out the last minute.

so we took the bus which was quite long, to Harbourfront.
& from there we took another bus to Pasir panjang where his sister works at.
i seriously am not a fan of long bus rides even though i thought that it's not that bad sometimes, contradicting!

Oh we even got a free regular pizza from his sister probably as a token of
appreciation since we went all the way there just to passed some thing. ha!
the pizza was awesome to the max, it's not those normal pizza, shitty i totally forgotten whats the company of the one we had! short term memory.

Never mind about that, we headed to Hendersons waves after that.
that was Bobby's first time there and he almost died of exhaustion!
only i could see that expression he had as he helplessly climbing the steps
all the way to the top! ha. me too, almost died although it's my second time climbing all the way up to reached the Hendersons waves!
didn't complete the journey till Hortpark cause we were tired!!

i cant describe how fantastic it is up there, it's just beautiful!

Monday, January 25, 2010,
The unexpected night story.

So i went out one night initially to meet up with a friend of mine and
at the same time get something from him. he claimed that he's flying the day after yesterday which is today hence the meeting up at night. as usual, i took bus to Toapayoh train station. took train to Sembawang since my friend told me that he's gonna have coffee with a friend over there.

note that the changed of location was a last minute thing.
so i was in the train standing when my friend called me
and changed the location again, to Angmokio. in the midst of the journey
i dropped at Khatib and took the opposite train.

I went to the Hub's interchange, sat there and fidgeted with my phone.
but of course, get connected to the wireless while waiting for my friend.
i tweet once and browse the web through my mobile. called me friend
and he told me that he's gonna be late to settle some things at home.
and i continued surfing the Internet, minutes passed.

Oh not forgetting i was having a conversation with Joey through texts.
asked her about the MacDonald's whereabout since i wasn't sure.
i walked out of the interchange and asked a security guard for direction.
just to assure that I'm heading to the right MacDonald that my friend
asked me to meet him at. nothing strange so i dragged myself.

Sat on the metal bar outside the mac while waiting for my friends arrival.
was contemplating whether should i get a drink but eventually didn't.
cause i was gonna buy some snacks and drink from Cheers to share
with brother and friends who were at my house playing Bingo.

i received a call from my friend claiming that he had misplaced his keys thus
he can't get out of the house. of course i was rather pissed.
by then i had already waited for almost an hour. then he told me that
his dad and sister were already asleep so getting the keys from them
ain't a good idea. and his mum was playing mahjong which will probably take a few hours to get home. i kept listening...

decided to give up and told him that I'm heading home since it's
already late but he told me to wait for his mum which will probably take
hours to reached home, ridiculous! i gave him another alternative, i will cab down to his condo, take the thing and go home. of course excuses again.
by then i had already gotten the snacks from Cheers while
chatting with him on the phone finding solutions.

For some reason i asked him to send me his address but he denied as he's
lazy to. lazy to send me the adress by text when he actually did send me "Call me, call me" messages few atmosphere was rather noisy thus i can barely hear him clearly. he only gave me his condo name which 3 different cab driver doesn't know where it is. my phone was on the verge of dying, i told him that. but he insist that i shouldn't fucking hang the call.

as i was in the cab, he asked me to call back after we hang up umpteen times.
despite knowing the fact that my battery was low! eventually my phone
went totally dead and we got disconnected from the call. i reach the condo
but the condo seems different cause i have been there before and i know
how it looks like. i had no choice but to cab home since my phone
was dead. and the taxi fare was a bomb! felt disappointed, though.

i wasted my time and money on nothing, seriously! I'm so dumb.
so dumb that i choose to believe people without even thinking twice!
reached home feeling darn moody/pissed. mixed feeling.
i didn't saw it coming and didn't knew what's on his mind.
and unfortunately the money i spend on the taxi fare was for my
birthday celebration which is in two weeks time!

if you guys were in my shoes, what will you guys do and how would
you guys feel. this isn't elaborated enough, fyi. sigh ):
notorious if this post is quite mundane. writing a long story
once in a blue moon won't hurt right? ha!

Saturday, January 23, 2010,
Photo that proof you wrong.

So i'm writing on this post after i read a comment on my tagboard by someone who doesn't believe that i'm a freelance model. i'm not gonna sit back and do nothing about it showing them that i'm a defeatist and let them write & spam my tagboard.

seriously i don't think it's worth to come up with a post just for one person that doesn't believe. so i shall just write a little and upload a photo just to proof that i ain't lying. i doubt anyboby will go around telling lies that
they are a model. and i'm absolutely not boasting, modeling is nothing.
it's my dream and i have the right to fulfil it.

so this photo was months back where i first joined Shine agency.
my first photoshoot and first com-card. but i was rather nervous and shy
hence the picture didn't turned out as great. as a newbie, i obviously
didn't knew how to pose and stuff. overall i think it turned out fine
but am not too happy with it. craving for another! haha.

Guess i shall end abruptly here since it's suppose to be a "short post".
picture tells a thousand words and it doesn't lies/veritable get it?
i guess that's it and those people have absolutely no rights to
prevaricate me as and when they like. good day ya'll! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010,
Oh, so fickle minded!

So i was at home yesterday when a person actually asked me out. i was reluctant at first but changed my mind since i thought that it was not a bad idea going out on a utterly boring day. and also i have yearned to be out since dinosaur years!that person was persistently asking me to meet but didn't rang me up when he was supposed to.

so i decided not to expect any call since i saw it coming. i hit the jackpot, the person didn't call or even turn up for whatever reason which i was not informed. i got pissed since i was pathetically waiting like a fool. total fool it is. my eyes was constantly looking at my phone awaiting for the call.

but luckily i was at home. but i guess some things are not worth getting angry over, right? especially when you're not close to that particular person. Seriously what's with people who persistently asking to meet but not turning up later. For goodness sake, please don't be so fickle minded!

and i hate those who are always changing their mind at the very last minute. If you want to meet someone & did persuaded them many times, please bloody hell show up. Guess i ain't gonna meet you. Once bitten, twice shy!

but of course my mood isn't effected by it, though. Some things are just not worth getting angry over! as for me. i don't give a darn to people that doesn't have any priorities in my life. what's the point of persuading someone to meet up but in the end you're the one who didn't turned up. ridiculous!

i guess i know how to reciprocate when you are gonna ask me out because i can presage what's gonna happen again. cause i have learnt something that i
didn't really expected. don't ever expect me to be nice to you from now on.

Sunday, January 17, 2010,
Wants a new hair colour!

For the past three months, i have been having the same hair colour.
obviously anyone would tend to get sick of having the same
hair colour for months! especially when the black roots are
rapidly showing as each day passed.

and so, i thought of getting a new colour for my hair.
a colour which is not too Bright. i thought that dark brown
would be a great idea but it's woefully to common in Singapore.
I'm not gonna get anything brighter than my current one!
when I'm standing under the sun with the current one,
my hair is mad bright. which i don't really like.

i guess I'm sticking with my current one for a while until
i have a urge to have my whole hair re-coloured. ha!

Anyway, my idea on how i would be celebrating my birthday
have been finalized. at least on where would i be celebrating it.
haven't decide on the food and stuff yet, will be plan later on.
will be having a bbq pit probably at East Coast park like always!

Fyi, my birthdays have always been celebrated by having a bbq.
at least for me, i think bbq is the best. me love bbq-ing!!
but maybe with more friends who will be invited.
i don't really need a grand birthday celebration. i just need
good companion and music. it's the thoughts the counts anyway!

Wooohoo i'm madly excited even though it's weeks away.
i'm still in the midst of saving up cash *Ka-ching2*
those who wants to be invited, please contact me via phone, facebook,
messenger or even tag me. it's my pleasure having more guest.
the more. the merrier! Muahahaha. see ya around! Muacks.

It's on 7 February 2010 (Sunday) Venue haven't been comfirmed.
follow me on Twitter if you haven't for updates/finalized idea.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010,
What's your dream?


I'm pretty sure every single one of us have our own perfect dream.
a dream where you yearn to be for the longest time.
Still remember when you a kid in school when your teacher would question
on what do you plan to be when you grow up? what was your answer.

i don't remember having anything on my mind when we were asked back then.
being a blur and innocent boy, i was too shy to speak up.
thus i would just sit while everyone raised their hands up high.
few of them took turns to tell everyone about their dreams.
yesh, the dream of an imaginative young kids in school.

but now as we grow older, we tend to be even more observant.
we're not like the blur kids that we were before.
obviously we're very sure of what we wanna be now.
and i have only one dream in particular for the time being.

majority of you guys would know what's my dream. don't doubt!
when one have a dream, we must fulfil it no matter what!
hence i took one step closer by enrolling into a modeling agency.
and that's none other than Shine agency!

my dream is to become a model, be it on runways or commercial.
despite knowing the fact that my chances are somehow low.
cause i don't have the height and look of a model!
guess i will have to keep dreaming of becoming one.

i have always admired models on runways and on advertisements.
and yearn to be like them in the near future. i hope!
i have to keep working hard. action speaks louder than words.
so that's what i wanna be when i grow up. how about you guys?


The unexpected feeling occurs.

Since it's pouring outside & i have nothing better to do, i shall blog!
Thought of blogging few days back, but i backspaced everything for
no specific reason. maybe because i was too lazy and there wasn't any
motivation in me at all. theres still some motivation today, th rain!

have you guys ever felt guilty of not fulfilling your promise to
someone. and that the someone is gonna be out of town the day
after tomorrow? yups, i felt seriously guilty the night before.
i shed some tears out of sudden. but strangely for a person whom
i barely knew. a total stranger.

i was pondering hard on why was i even tearing for that someone.
you guys need not bother to interrogate me on who's that person.
maybe because i can't help but to feel upset for not fulfilling my
promise to that someone, and that the person is gonna be out
of town the next day. I'm a emotional guy who can't bear to
see anybody leave. even if it's a perfect stranger. I'm weird!

I should stop talking about this seriously, period!
shall blog about the "Unglam things" that happened to me.
omg i seriously can't think of anything much!
Only #3 Unglam part okay! shall blog more next time.

Takglam1; this happened yesterday when i visited my friends place.
went to the washroom at the thought of washing my feet. i seriously
don't feel at ease without washing my feet after i enter the house.
back to the story, Turn the thingy and the next thing i knew was
that i was drenched by the rainwater above me. So dumb can!
My wallet and mobile phone was not spared.
My stylo hair was down because of the water! I felt embarrassed a bit.

Takglam2; there was once where i chatted with mickey out of
boredom. and i did it along the corridor of my house.
a neighbour walked pass and heard me talking to mickey.
she must have thought that I'm insane! she even smiled to herself!

Takglam3; Was out with bobby and it was pouring heavily.
i wore my shoe on that day. stood outside a shop. my legs was
fidgeting with the metal slope, i missed a step and fell down
on my knees! obviously a few people saw it. i pretended that
i'm okay. but that bobby stood there, laughing at me! tsk..

that's the three of them. i'm pretty sure you guys have had your
unglam moment in your life too, right! maybe it's even worst than
mine. so stop laughing at me can! ha, *Smirk*

Those those who are feeling down because of their results,
don't dwell on it already. life still have to move on.
it's obviously not the end! at least you've tried your best! (:

Friday, January 8, 2010,
Mundane Life of mine. boo!

Believe it or not, i have been staying home for the past few days! seriously.
i barely stepped out of the house to meet someone for an outing/shopping.
excluding me meeting friends near my place and going to provision shops!
yups, i have been living my mundane life at home, pathetic much.

Not that i choose it to be this way. in fact i have always dreaded staying home. i would rather choose to be out with anyone can! major sigh.
because my cousins are schooling, Nata's working and i believe Jolene have left town for Bangkok. the rest I'm not too sure!

and not forgetting, I'm trying to save money for my upcoming birthday!
so I'm scrimping as much as i can. that's possible the reason why I'm seldom out of house these few days.
but i guess staying home isn't a bad idea afterall, right?
especially when you're home alone. the whole house is yours! muahaha.

As a person who ve high expectation of cleanliness. i did some of the work.
i cleaned the house to make it spick and span. but alas the last thing i knew
was that everything have gone back to square one, messy once again!

because when cousins and family are back home, they don't really care
about the mess. but i do! which means all my effort that i put in was somehow wasted. so frustrating. okay I'm actually not a home-ly guy!
I'm just another typical juvenile who likes and expect a clean environment to
live in. who who doesn't! tsk.

instead of staying home and sit infront of the desktop for hours.
i did something that actually put a smile on my face, aftermaths.
yes, a sign of satisfaction! something have been done, clean environment!
not all guys would want to do things like this, cleaning etc. except me.
so chio bu out there, I'm single and available! *While stock last* muahaha.
okay okay enough, i shall go and shower nao! bye Pigs :)

Monday, January 4, 2010,
Cruelty to innocent animals.

I was flipping through pages of the newspaper out of boredom one evening.
felt angry to learnt that cats were deliberately thrown down from above.
the incident was somehow not new to those people living there.

therefore this might be the work of a serial killer.
a person who doesn't like, or perhaps hate cats to the ultimate core to
the extend of dumping innocent cats down from high rise housing block.
what was the person thinking? they are utterly inhuman, i swear!
being violent doesn't solved the soloution, seriously.

don't understand why must they resort to this. i think those cats were
not being a nuisance at all. other than doing their business anywhere
they want. cats obviously doesn't know whats right and whats wrong.
provided only they're well trained, then they should know their
shitting whereabouts.

even a toddler doesn't know how to pee at the right place/time.
they need pampers. cats are free to do their business anywhere
they want, especially on those grass patch. so people shouldn't
be angry just because of that. that's plain ridiculous.

talking about cats making noise. i doubt cats make more noise than dogs.
cats only "meows" when they're hungry and stuff. and they're not even
loud, at all. dogs can actually bark ten time louder than a cat.
so i guess people shouldn't be angry over the amount of noises
those cats make.

Really wonder why for some stupid reasons, people dislike cats.
perhaps some of them are filthy, yes they are. but majority of
them are harmless. wild dogs can be filthy and aggressive at times.
okay just for your information, i love both dogs and cats.
obviously not being biased here. but the fact that cats are the
ones who were thrown down/murdered. not dogs.

i understand not only cats are abused. most animal are abused!
they're either poured with piping hot water, skinned alive,
cane, slaughtered etc. cruelty to animal should be reported so
that the serial animal abuser can be jail or even nicer, CANE!
if i have the chance to help those animal.

i would also dumped the abuser from above! let them feel what it is like to be
thrown down from above. shall be mean! muahaha.
okayokay shall end here! i'm so hungry! :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010,
Excited like never before!

Okay i have been waiting for this for quite some time, my 18th birthday!
like who with the right mind would'nt feel excited when their birthday is
drawing nearer as day pass, right? expecially when youre gonna be legal!

maybe weilong is right, so what if i'm 18 and legal. it's nothing.
cause i won't be clubbing anyway. but seriously, who knows! ha.
let's leave that after my birthday. hurhur!

so i have not plan anything and have nothing in mind on how should
i celebrate it, omg i totally need some idea please! much appreciated.
maybe something simple will do. simplicity is the best!

well, i thought of just going out with my cliques on the day itself and
book a bbq pit as a belated celebration! jolene suggest we have picnic
at Marina Barrage on my birthday. major headache can!

nothing special this year as i just want it to be simple.
as long as i'm celebrating it with cliques and we're happy.
mark this on your calendar, 7th february. my birthday! muahaha.
you guys better not let it slip through your mind hor!

shall end abruptly here as i have no ideas already. boo!
anyhow, ideas are welcome too. byebye piggy's.

Friday, January 1, 2010,
Arrival of 2010, Happy new year!

The first day of 2010 and how's everyone feeling? I'm great! i presume all resolution have been made by all individuals. so i was at Esplanade to observe the arrival of 2010 with Bobby & Chanel. Yups, different location and different companion from last year. the place was terribly crowded as expected. actually even more packed! even ants step we took, we got pushed persistently. how pathetic!

there wasn't any fresh air since loads of coconuts are roaming too. let's say they're welcoming the New year with us. honoured right? heh. oh and i totally forgotten to scrub myself with dettol when i reached home. okay la, i was just pulling your legs. not offend eh. anyway we didn't take any photos

yesterday. so no photos for now! but rest assured there will be photos for the next post. cause I'm meeting cliques to celebrate Jolene's birthday tml, wheee! oh, no photos of the fireworks neither. awesome or what!

So, cousin wanted her ezlink card at the very last minute. i insist that Bobby and Chanel to take the bus first,they were tired. went to pass cousin the ezlink card, alone at city hall. Waited for the bus for half hour at two different bus stops can! there were loads of people waiting so i thought theres still buses.

then i realised it's only the night rider!! sadly to say, my place doesn't have any night rider lah. tsk! i was kinda pissed waiting for the taxi aftermaths. took me almost an hour plus just to get a darn cab. people were everywhere! beside the roadside and at the taxi stand.

so i thought of walking down the road might be much efficient. foolish! i actually walked from City hall to somewhere Sim lim square can ): tired and sleepy. i did observe night life at the same time. people heading to clubs and people getting drunk. totally freaked me out when i saw drunk people getting too violent. yay! I'm gonna be 18 in a month plus time! I'm gonna be legal. hurhur!

okay specially thanks to Joey, my brother and Bobby! Joey for texting me while i walked through those empty roads. brother for being so concern about me. and Bobby sacrificing your sleep. Omg really thank you! happy new year Piggy's! hope you guys will enjoy the new year, 2010!

Happy birthday Jolene!

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