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Monday, June 28, 2010,
Little things that motivates.

Was out with Joey one typical afternoon, having our lunch at a MacDonald outlet along Orchard road. trying to kill time before catching our movie which was 2hours later. she then told me that she have got something to pass me, while taking something out from her wallet and then after, passed it to me.

it was a small glittery sticker that are meant to be stick on electronic stuff. so i immediately stick it on the top left hand corner of my IPhone. it was just like any normal sticker to me at first. like a tiny thing to make decorate my iPhone with. but it was a tiny sticker with the word "Never give up"on it.

while walking around town, i coincidentally bumped into someone i nearly forgotten. since then, the memories kept haunting me leaving me utterly hurt just by thinking about the past. like who wouldn't feel sad, in fact disastrous. you will then start thinking how foolish you were back then not appreciating and treasuring things. not doing stuff that you as a other half should do and how fucking stupid you were letting go out the special "Kite". the list goes on and on. the next thing you realised is that you're tearing. heartbroken.

so the next day, i made an impromptu trip to somewhere i used to go. where all the old memories are. i waited and waited but i knew that it's never gonna be the same anymore. i was on the verge of giving up everything. i then fidgeted with my iphone and at the same time, i saw the sticker that was given by Joey. the sicker with "Never give up".somehow, it rang a bell. i was then motivated and decided not to give up. i kept waiting but eventually went home with a heartache. so looking at the sticker through and through, i will tell myself never to give up! things may look impossible but it's not like what you think.

this might be a tiny sticker but it meant alot to me. especially when one is down. it's this little things that motivates us. little things that you thought are nothing useful. so this little sticker gave me the motivation. the motivation to continue with what I'm intending to. in fact I'm heading back there again later! so start giving your friends this tiny sticker or anything that may motivate them. making them sure that you will be always be with them nomatter wherever they are. making sure they never give up!

really appreciate Joey for being so thoughtful. and really wanna thank her for being there listening to me venting my anger and telling her things that i had been bottling it up ever since. from the bottom of my heart, Thank You! ;)

Saturday, June 26, 2010,
Trip to Phuket, Part 3!

The last day in awesome Phuket, missing Phuket already! the last day was pretty much the same, except that we did some last minute shopping and explore new places. we didn't had the chance to do most of the outdoor stuff there as we didn't had enough time. and perhaps because we ran out of cash! i was pathetically broke after spending my cash on clothes and chewing gums! and that expensive jet-ski. we had great fun, nonetheless.

We had to check out of the hotel reluctantly at 12pm when our flight was at 10pm. so we left our bags and luggage at the counter while we went to a random shopping mall to kill time. had lunch at kfc and went roaming around.

camwhore before leaving the hotel room!

saying goodbye to cosy room! ):

three of them plus me while trying to find our way back. we went to a market by the motorbike but went back by foot! amazing right. cause we couldn't find any transport back so we decided to walk all the way back to the city where there were motorbikes to bring us to another place. long walk! like i previously said, we're surrounded by huge mountains!

And below are some random shots of rabbits in cage! they're so adorable that we spend quite some time over there admiring them.:)

Rabbit posing for the camera! cute much? ;D

After roaming around, we decided to head back to our hotel as we were exhausted and they heat was killing us. so we made an impromptu decision to book a room for afew hours before checking out again. me and Eric then went to swim! while jolene and birdie stayed in the room watching tv. no fun one!

Eric, Jolene and Me!

Tom yam soup and the fried rice was fantabulous, omgs!

Heading to the Airport.

Our heavy bags and luggage!

On the plane

And arrived in Singapore! ;)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010,
Trip to Phuket, part 2!

Here's the third day of our Phuket trip. so everything was kinda the same, breakfast in the morning. as usual, an egg plus few toasted bread for me while Jolene and the rest are nomming on good food! porridge and stuff. that's basically the disadvantages for me when heading to such places that are mostly selling non-halal foods! i can only rely on instant noodles and some non-pork stuff. and i actually saw a cup noodle with PORK wtf?!

oh anyhow, we rent a cab for 4hours and the cab driver will drive us to any places we wanted to go. pretty awesome huh. so as tourist over there, the cab driver will then tell us more about this and that place, so on and so forth. he also did brought us to places we never intended to go. and not forgetting to mention that the cab driver was kind and never rude to us! if only those taxi drivers in Singapore are as good mannered like them.

The first place the taxi brought us to was this "Pearl factory". those pearl are taken from oyster shells. but have to go through many procedures. and then made into pearl necklace which cost a bomb, i think?

How To Tell A Fake Pearl - googled.

• Check the weight of the pearl. A real pearl has some heft to it and is, of course, heavier than a plastic imitation.
• Feel the surface of the pearl. If you gently rub two pearls together and feel a slight grittiness, the pearls are real. If the sensation is smooth, it’s likely the “pearls” are made of plastic.
• Check for natural flaws. All real pearls have flaws because this is a natural process; the likelihood of a real pearl having a perfect shape, for example, is next to nothing. On the other hand, a good pearl should not have too many flaws.
• Sea pearls take time to produce. Some pearl shops may try to fool buyers into paying over the odds by selling them river pearls, which take a much shorter time to produce. Also, a river pearl oyster can produce 50 pearls or more, whereas its marine cousin can produce only one at a time.
• The most difficult scam to detect is pearls made from the dust left over after real pearls are made into jewellery. Using modern technology, this dust can be moulded into a “pearl” that is so like the real thing, with the right weight, luster and even colour, that it takes a professional to tell the difference.

Making in process, before.

Beautiful pearls, after!

Initially we wanted to head to the waterfall, which seems rather nice. furthermore i haven't been to any waterfalls except for those tiny man made waterfalls in Singapore. but when we arrived at that particular place the cab driver brought us to, there wasn't any beautiful waterfall as stated in the brochure. so much for being very excited!

yes, there was this tiny waterfall, but the water was rather dirty and it looks more like a polluted drain than a waterfall. we actually climbed all the way up the mountain only to find the waterfall isn't as what we expected! so we headed to the Beach which we were so looking forward to since day 1.

This was the only thing we did over at the beach! jet ski-ing, it was pretty scary at first but was fine afterwards. and it costs us like 60SGD! i had to ride with birdie at the back. she's freaking me out by screaming when i had problems controlling the thingy. we have to go through the strong waves which made the jet-ski moved from side to side.

i tried my best not to fall cause if the thing that we were riding overturns, we have to pay for the damage. that was what i feared since the start! never collapse. but eventually me and birdie was thrown out from the thing because the waves was to strong! but we're lucky the jet-ski didn't turnover! birdie then stood by the sand watching me riding it alone. and there was fucking loads of Jellyfish, floating in the water! ;(

The parachute that was pulled by a speeding boat! seems scary.

Part 3 up next!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010,
Trip to Phuket, Part 1.

Woah i have to admit i seriously missed being in Phuket with cliques. its less than a week since we arrived in Singapore and now I'm missing everything over there! minus the fact that it was scotching hot over there. no different from Singapore, though. i miss the hotel we stayed in, the Thai people and somehow the food. but of course the fun i had with cliques.

Am looking forward to our next getaway this September! wheee. we'll be heading to Phuket again for 2 days, but this time to try out those outdoor stuff we didn't get to try previously. that also means less shopping for us! might be heading to Bangkok after that. haven't come to a decision yet, though.

oh and before i forgot, i will be blogging about the trip in 3 different post, day 1 and day 2 will be blogged together in part 1 while day 3 will be part 2 and the 4 will be in the part 4. too much photos that is. hope you're not confused, ahaha! so basically i will be blogging about day 1 and 2 together right now!


For your info, that was my first time being on an airplane so i had the privilege to be sitted next to the window. but our flight was awfully at night so i couldn't get to see much except for those beautiful small lighting's from below. my head was glued to the window all the time observing the dark scenery. even Jolene, Eric and Birdie laughed at me, maybe perhaps i was too engrossed observing.

Checked into our hotel, "" the place was beautiful. the staffs were helpful and friendly. unlike some of those in Singapore. the room was cosy and i specially love the air con over there. it's super cold to the ultimate max! like i said I'm missing Phuket and this particular hotel we lived in. we're intending to stay here again when we're back. totally yay-ness! ;D

Snapshots of me and birdie's room when we arrived!

My side of the lamp and my things. but unfortunately i couldn't charge both of my phones as my charger is different from what they have there. so i was there for four days without my phone with me everywhere i go. i left them in my bag! so much for the trouble bringing them all the way here. smartass much?

Somehow spectacular view from our balcony.

Our breakfast! i only ate the bread and the egg T.T

Riding on a motorbike was fun as a transport to get from place to place. but i dont get why Jolene and birdie love to ride on the bike instead of cabbing. well, it's not that bad afterall and it's 2SGD for each right! ahaha, depends on the location you're heading to, though. but the only thing i was sick of is the strong wind blowing against my hair and face! cause i was wearing contact lens, thus i had difficulty opening my eyes. i have to shut my eyes to prevent them from flying out. and my hair will eventually be messed up. i spend time to style it can! lol.

motors were everywhere. most of the locals there had a motorbike to themself. that's including students our age to old granny! like almost everyone had their own bike, riding them to school. so cool huh! seems that either getting a license over there is quite easy or they just don't need one. me wants!

Jolene even intend to rent bike on our next trip here! we'll be heading to places on our own and with our own bike! scary but it will be fun. woohoo! ;)

Heading to tesco, it's basically like "Giant" which sells loads of stuffs.

Jolene and eric dipping their legs into the fish spa!

Me and birdie too! ;)

Heading back to our hotel on Bike again! ;)

Birdie and i camwhored since we're bored! ahaha.

Oh just look at the mountain in the background of this pic! there's mountain everywhere in Phuket. Phuket are surrounded with effing huge mountains.

Okay i can't remember what made us do this! we actually took jumping shots on our freaking bed! ahaha. it's kinda miracle that the bed can actually take the impact. when boredom strikes, we do stupid stuff! so unglam lor!

We decided to do some shopping on the second day, plus a little of sightseeing. so even before we start shopping, they were hungry so we went to have lunch. but because of some reason, i didn't had anything. only drank coke! :(

Jolene and Eric!

Me and birdie!

Us in tuut tuut! eh i'm not sure if i got it right, ahaha!

Foursome's in bed! me and birdie went to their room to disturb, lol.

Random shot of our room, Jolene and Eric's room is at the left while ours is on the right! it's a good thing that we're living just next to each other, though. cause things were more easier that way. we communicated to each other by banging the room's wall. like when we're awake early in the morning, i banged the wall. so when there's banging from the other side means they're awake! so fun. ahaha. it's better than to be knocking on their door at night because the corridor lights were pretty dimmed and our room are facing the dark forest, major scary! i don't even dare to go down alone. so deserted one!

Came across this one-sized hoodie while shopping and i was immediatly attracted to it perhaps it's adorable. it's very big so i wore it to sleep! plus our room's air con was mad cold, thats the thing i loved about the room. hehe. ahaha. nice anot?okay end of part 1! stay tuned for part 2 and 3 alright. laters!!

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