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Wednesday, December 30, 2009,
Hat-py party, 24seven.

Yesterday's party with 24seven and other bloggers was indeed memorable.
even thought we didn't really communicate with the others real much.
but by just observing those smiles really made my day,no doubt!

anyway before i get on, i had to find a partner to replace Jolene's place.
yups at the very last minute, she told me that she couldn't tag along!
so i panic a bit and tried asking friends if they're free in the evening.
the answer was obvious enough, no one was free that evening!
i was on the verge of not attending the party.

so i text Bobby while he was working. persistently asking him to go.
finally he agreed after much persuading from me. ha!
really thanks to him for accompanying me there, though.
i wouldn't be there if he didn't tag along. being alone is boring!

oh and he actually took his own sweet time just to meet me.
The bus came late and there was a heavy traffic hence us being late!
met Joey and her companion there for the very first time,
after three pathetic long years of being cyber friends. ha.
and before i forget, thanks Joey for lending me the straw hat.

The theme was crazy HAT-py party so we're supposed wearing crazy hats.
the place was filled with the most awesome hats, ever!
Bobby had to use those party hats cause he didn't had any. hilarious.
anyhow really thanks 24seven for the invite! much love, heh! :)

Bobby had to use this hat that was provided by them. awesome hor?

My favourite drink, Fruit punch!

Camwhore in the gents! yay or nay?

Nonsense companion for the night, babi! bobby la, heh!

Chio building that changes it's design. beautiful much!


Probably meeting Bobby once again, and other friends for countdown later.
since my own cliques are busy with their stuff. i understand, ha!
but i'm not sure where should we head for an awesome view.
last year's was a disaster. the trees were blocking our view when the
fireworks started we were on our way to marina barrage. pathetic much!

foolish idea of walking at the thought that it's more efficient.
so i have really no idea where will we be tonight, major headache.
the crowd areas are so gonna kill me for sure!
i'm gonna make a new years resolution in a whiles time.
everyone does have their own resolution for each year, right?
anyhow Happy new year everyone. lets hope for a better new year (2010)!

Th'delex resolution for 2010!

☺ get a suitable job for myself
☺ Spend my birthday with more people, memorable one.
☺ get everything on my wishlist.
☺ study, study, study! yes don't doubt me.
☺ have a special companion, teehee!
☺ enjoy 2010 to the fullest.
☺ more outing/meetups with cliques.
☺ like always, keep on living my dream.
☺ get a desired body shape/figure.
☺ new hairstyle if possible.
☺ murder those people that i detest! major LOL.

Saturday, December 26, 2009,
S'pore idol 2009. Who's the one.

So say who do you think will be crowned the winner of Singapore idol09.
whoever your votes goes to, remember to catch the finale on 5 tonight! 8pm.
okay I'm not a patriotic fan lah! at least not for this year.

I still remember vaguely that i actually went to the roadshow last year.
together with my fella mates. and gotten ourself a ticket to the finale!
with the obvious answer that we were darn excited can!

so we went to the indoor stadium excitedly with our "Hady Mirza" tee!
haha,i just realized that it's silly.
we bought those alphabet stickers and stick it to out plain blue shirt.
if I'm not wrong, we are supposed to be wearing anything blue only
if we are supporting hardy! not so hardcore fans, alright!

settled down and we got ready with our thingy that was given.
i don't know what it's called. those typical things to make noise?!
it's totally fine if you guys don't get it.

anyway,yups everyone was jumping and crying when Hady was crowned!
like who doesn't feel happy for their idol that they are supporting.
Totally missed those days. and I'm watching the finale from home.
how pathetic!i actually wanted to get the tickets, desperately lor.
but i was late in doing so. whatever then.
I'm in love :)

Friday, December 25, 2009,
Christmas, much fun.

Most importantly Merry xmas to all my piggys/readers, Hohoho.
my Christmas was spend was fantabulous cliques of mine!
went to town for some foam spraying that we will definitely will not miss.

but this time, there was only three of us. not pathetic but awesome!
anyhoo after all that continuous walking round and round spraying those bgl,i ended up having blister on my foot just before i reached home.

Coincidentally cliques and i bought chocolates for our gift exchange.
so no matter whom we got from, we're still getting back a chocolate! laughs.
it's the thoughts that counts, had fun with cliques the entire day, though.

took neoprint like always,twice! photos turned out nice but unfortunately
there's no scanner for us to scan the photos. major disappointed!
Oh and we caught Alvin and the chipmunks2 at 03.40am, awesome or not!
done with chatting and we head home aftermaths, reached home at 7am.

this was at a seafood restaurant that we had for dinner last week.
unfortuanately no photos of me, cause my hair was somehow horrible.
thanks to the strong wind as i was siting at the back of the lorry!
sounds pathetic, i know! had no choice either. *pouts*
on a better note, the food was amazingly delicious. obviously bloated!

Our gift that was exchanged, mine's the chio-est! *Flicks hair*

Christmas gift that was mailed to me by Joey. thanks alot! :)

Rdiculous long hair of mine. but it's better now after a haircut!

Mickey spend her christmas in a Starbucks paperbag licking her fur

Me and cousin. candles in the dark! whooo.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009,
my cliques, my christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009,
things change overnight, like mine.

I'm at some lan gaming shop with bobby and the loud noises are killing me!have no choice but to head here with him as i wanna be away from home for abit.i was unstably emotional in the afternoon. never expected things to be this way.

i wanna be freed from home to let me mind be at ease, but it's ruined!
cause I'm here at this effed up loud place, and i detest it. major headache.
everythings so loud that i can barely hear myself. everything vibrating. argh.

it's utterly mundane over here surfing the net while Bob's playing life4dead.obviously this is not my cup of tea.i don't play games.especially Lan gaming!really contemplating heading out of this effing loud place which i can't stand.i got over it. so here i am blogging but with a frown on my face! ha.

Don't understand these people who are over here blasting the volume of the desktops .like come on at least give us some peace, basic etiquette please?
or maybe should i say, some people over here doesn't have it,oh well.
and also this type of place belongs to those juvenile gangsters, right?

Okay shall not rant any further as i can't concentrate on blogging myself!
anyhow, i hate my life at this point of time, period! hope everything will be fine.shall Be more optimistic and look on the brighter side. my readers should too!
Nothing is impossible. when there's a will,there's a way :)

let's do it this way. tell me about your problems on my tag board!
haha no worries if you guys think that it's too confidential.
well that's all for now! gonna suffer in the LOUD place for another hour. bye Piggy's!

Friday, December 11, 2009,
Hamsters are adorable, much!

Okay cousins left the house early in the morning for some shopping.
so here i am at home without any entertainment except this desktop!
pathetic me. i deserved it for waking up late in the afternoon. ha.

well, it's not bad either. much peace at home without the little cousin!
gonna randomly post something up now. wahaha.
i actually thought of getting a hamster from the nearby heartland shop.
i walked past the shop the other day and i saw those cute hamsters!

it's effing cute! it's been a while since i last owned/touched one.
so i thought that getting myself one would be a brilliant idea.

but I'm having second thoughts, however though.
my aunt is afraid of rats and hamster and will prolly get freaked out at
the sight of a hamster. that's the only problem lah!
let me ponder on it for a bit, yeah! anyhow photos of cutie hamsters.

unfortunately i picked only ten photos cause theres too much cute ones!
the photos make me have the urge to get one pretty soon.
don't deny the fact that they are adorable, please!!

they're so cute that you might wanna squeeze/love them to death! ha.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009,
Taking the public transport.

Basically this post is all about public transport.
just another random thought of mine being penned down.
they are advantages and disadvantages of taking the public transport.

the advantages;

You get to meet more people and hence make more friends when you take the public transport. This widens your social circles and makes life very much meaningful and enjoyable. you can even observe people by taking the public transport! from the way they dress them self to the way they communicate.

You help to save the environment. With one vehicle less on the road, collectively, there will be a lot less vehicles on the roads. Hence you help to ease congestion on the roads and hence emission of carbon dioxide and other green house effect emissions.

You get to admire the scenery if the bus or the train runs through scenic regions. By driving a vehicle, you would have been too focused on driving safely and keeping your vision straight ahead instead of admiring what is around you. ha!

You get to catch up on some lost sleep on the bus or the train which you would not be able to do if you are driving. like what majority of us do when they we in the train/bus early in the morning.

There is less chance of an accident if you are on the bus or the train since you would be in the safe hands of a professional driver who drives for a living and that's none other than the SBS drivers!

You get to read the book that you have always longed to read but have been putting it off recently because of other commitments. With nothing to do on the bus or the train, it would be time well spent to catch up on some of that reading.

You will be less stressed. If you are taking the public transport, you will be less likely to be stressed out from the anxiety of trying to get a parking lot and trying to beat the traffic or be harassed by other inconsiderate road users.

You get to do some exercising by getting from the bus stop or bus terminal to your destination. just by walking, even if it's a short distance. it's somehow
counted a exercising. so people can put their mind at ease if they haven't been
exercising lately. heh!

You get to listen to your MP3 since you are leaving the driving to the bus driver.

You may get to meet your other half on the bus, coincidentally!
muahaha. just imagine yourself boarding the train one day, early in the morning with your eyes half shut. then you accidentally bumped onto someone gorgeous that somehow catches your attention.

chat a bit and exchange phone numbers.few months later. you are a couple! that would be awesome right?!that's the benefit of taking the public transport!

And the disadvantages;

Public transport is not under your control, the timings are never correct. they will never arrive at the expected timings. they can be very very late while you sit uncomfortably at the bus stop sweating profusely.

Public transport drivers are very rash and sometimes rude to the passengers.
some can be greeting the passengers politely with a smile while they are boarding the bus and some others can be staring at you for no specific reason like you have done something wrong! tsk.

Sometimes they do not stop at the designated stops and one has to keep waiting for the arrival of the next bus which probably takes quite long. really detest driver who don't stop for the people who are running after the bus.
they pretended to know nothing.

Public transport is terribly crowded making it difficult for old people,pregnant
,sick persons to travel. there are some inconsiderate passengers that could just sit there looking at the people who needs the seat more than them instead of giving them their seats.

Not forgetting those brainless juvenile who deliberately blast their awful songs through their phone as if everybody's enjoying the darn music. for some reason, they think that it's super cool having their music on-ed loudly with their both legs leaning against the seat infront. of course, those people who are exhausted from work that's in the bus can have doubt about having a short nap in the bus.

After all this reviews on public transport, what do you guys think?
should you guys continue to take the public transport.
Of course we should!!
there are disadvantages but nevertheless public transport is Awesome okay! :)
Our lives are nothing without them.

The taxi

The train

The buses

Ending this post off with me photo! heh. byebye piggys!

Sunday, December 6, 2009,
Expect the unexpected.

Well i have decided to do a proper post hence deleting the previous one.
felt guilty for doing such a mundane post, so here i am.
so you guys must appreciate this cause I'm blogging although
I'm down with a fever. i didn't expect myself to be down with it.

I can remember myself hiding under the blanket for the entire night.
i even wore my thick jacket and cover myself with the blanket.
that was how cold/sick i felt. my body temperature was up and down, too!
first it was 38.3 and then it went up to 38.8. awesome or what?

to be frank, that was the first time since the past years
that i was down with a fever! i can remember vaguely that i was not
the one that was down with any sickness. the ones was either my
cousins or my sister. and i finally did have it yesterday night!

No one knew about this cause i only had the fever around 3am whereby
all my family and cousins are sound asleep. so i cuddled under the
blanket shivering. never thought i could be down with fever lah!

Oh i if you are following me on twitter, you guys should know
that i threw the kfc chicken after a few plucks! and
also the rice cause i had no appetite. even swallowing my own
saliva can be very difficult and painful! sigh.

woke up early this morning for no specific reason, at 5am.
i couldn't get back to sleep then.
was covering myself with the blanket most of the time.
watch mickey slept and i tossed around trying to sleep.but attempt failed.

cousin woke up early and she gave me her medcine.
felt much better after i took medcine that cousin gave me. she had lots of unused medcines. save me the trouble of walking to the clinic! heh.
anyway, thanks to those that were concern about me. love love!

okay gotta drink my ice lemon tea now although i have yet to be
fully recovered! but the fever have subsided, though. major glad!
no appetite for anything. perhaps i should rest abit more.
byebye piggys. do take care of yourself too okay?
i is missing my thick hairstyle!


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