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Wednesday, May 30, 2012,
La novella photoshoot.

So apparently after winning a contest on facebook, i was sponsored a photoshoot at La novella studio which i have been wanting to have a shoot at. but thank goodness i was lucky enough to have a sponsored shoot last week and i immediately make plans with some of my friends. really wanna thank La novella staffs and also the photographer for making this shoot a memorable and fun one.

Nowadays i have the tendency to post more than i write so i'll let the pictures do the talking now :)



Monday, May 21, 2012,
Punggol's lalang field.

I finally did a impromptu photoshoot with a friend of mine at the lalang field not too long ago. the location where by i have been wanting to shoot at for the longest time and now i can strike it off my list! haha. so the only place i could think of where the lalangs will be is at Punggol area so me and jeremy, my friend decided to explore punggol, my very first time if i'm not wrong! hahaha, sounds like a tourist.

 Once you walked for like 5mins or so, you will be welcomed by a field bloomed with beautiful lalangs,        and of course, you have to brave the humid sun though. but i tell you it's worth your sweat! just remember not to wear like what i was wearing, i looked like i just came out of a shower. bring a small towel so that you can wipe your sweats and bring a bottle of water to prevent dehydration, Lol! like going for war like that.

                                                     A BLURRISH COOL SHOT ~

Thankfully i brought my tripod stand along with me on that day, so we could like take the shoot together and pretend that we are having someone behind the camera taking it for us *Flicks hair* haha. but that is what i do most of the time, using self timer apart from having my mum behind the camera at times. but i just need the ring light and the self timer remote control. soon soon, i will get them and it'll be so complete! (;

                            Close up of the Lalang! chioness.

                    Candid shot of jeremy snapping photo using his iphone.

Hey look at my wet hair, i just came out from a sauna! Lol. that was how hot it was, especially with that leather jacket. nearly fainted, okay i'm lying. buahaha. so yeah and i have to admit that Punggol is definitely a very nice place to be living at, i'm envious of those who're residing there. the ambience and such.

and so, here's how you get to punggol lalang!
Once you know, thank me okay! (;

 " It is a Tebing Lane.
 - take mrt to Punggol and change into the LRT.
 - stop at Riveria LRT station,
 - look out the window to look for 'Popeye res.
 - Walk towards popeyes, grab a bite if possible.
 - Walk all the way towards a river, go down a small flight 
   of steps & turn left (Facing the river)
 - Walk till you see a lalang field, about 5mins walk. "


Tuesday, May 1, 2012,
After a long hiatus.

After some time of procrastinating, i have finally decided to stop what i'm doing at the moment and do up a simple blog post to make this blog less boring. well it's has always been boring anyway! but i have nothing to blog about therefore i'm just gonna post up photos which was taken the past few weeks/months.

better than nothing right? (;

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