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Sunday, March 28, 2010,
Constant harassment.

I have been bottling it up ever since the harassment started.
the harassment that never fail to happen every time when i wake up.
in fact, my sleep was disturbed this morning when i heard the familiar voice
shouting outside my place. i seriously can't stand this any longer!

humiliation was hurled, sarcasm that is. i was filled with angst but didn't reciprocate as i do not want things to become worst. all we did was to shut the doors and windows leaving the person shouting outside, dragging his mum here and there. claiming that we are harassment him which was NOT TRUE. i supposed its the other way round. well, my family have been enduring all this craps for some time. but the harassment kept coming, almost every day!

i have no idea what to do. i don't know what that particular person wants.
we did nothing but eventually got harassed for no specific reasons.
that person had already intruded our privacy by taking photos of us from far with his digital camera if I'm not wrong, our life isn't the same as before. we couldn't have much freedom with this kind of neighbour. one who never give up creating problems each day.

he has this sudden hatred towards my mum to the extend of claiming that my mum is spying on him, which is again, NOT TRUE! and then from there, he complain that everything that my mums does is absolutely wrong. even sitting by the corridor reading newspaper. and for goodness sake, what wrong with sitting at the corridor of our house reading newspaper. that's ridiculous! that person is being too exaggerating as he's staying not that close to us, why even bother? and what does our doings got to do with him? makes no sense!

what do you guys think? what do you guys suggest my family should do.
cause we don't want things to get worst hence us not doing anything but only to endure as much as we can. but i can't! i have my limits. he's getting overboard.i dont want this problem to be left unsolved! seriously need help!!oh and btw that neighbour of mine, is a he/she (if you get what i mean). );

Wednesday, March 24, 2010,
Trip to the Universal Studio!

Finally i have the motivation to blog about the Universal Studio!
but unfortunately loads of photos are in Jolene's camera and she cant send me those photos as her desktop is faulty or something! so sad right.
but anyway luckily i have still some photos with me.

Our initial plan was having picnic by the sandy beach. but we also did venture Universal Studio right after that since the Studio was opened to public on the same day! so we thought why not venturing into awesome place! ahahaha.
So the picnic went well except the fact that it was pouring non stop that day!
flies was everywhere and it was rather annoying to have hundreds of tiny flies or whatever you call it flying all over you!

Overall everything was great but i still prefer the previous picnic we had at Botanic Garden cause it wasn't raining and the scenery was beautiful.

So here's the flies that i was referring to! there were loads of them. probably because of the rain that attracted this little fellas! annoying max. we have no choice but to shield our foods by covering them to avoid those flies to get in! that will be darn gross if they were to be on our food. shucks!

The wet sandy beach after the rain stopped.

So this are the people who were at the picnic! there's Wei long, Jolene, Elizabeth, Eric and (A dog) Jin Jin if I'm not wrong! ahaha. the dog was placed inside a bag where it will only stick it's head out! oh btw, the poor dog actually swam in the sea water reluctantly.

surprisingly, weilong was afraid of the dog. we had a great time laughing when the dog actually went next to weilong and he screamed super loudly. ahaha!


Betty Boop was the first shop we went in to and it was amazingly beautiful with all sorts of photos of Betty boop printed on almost every single things!

Unique Popcorn Vehicle!

Them looking at the grammy award trophies! ahaha. took photos with the trophies in our hands, pretending that we won! but as i said, it's in Jolene camera! once again, major sad! Jolene send me asap okay! :)

It was rather packed! because prolly it's the first day it's officially opened to public! everyone was so excited. so was i. ahaha! i seriously can't wait to save up money and try each and every one of the machine at the theme park! wheee.

Madagascar's huge ship and tree! Mad awesome :D

If you have any queries or information, visit the site! here!

Thursday, March 18, 2010,
Pr girl humiliates Singapore!

How would you feel as a Singaporean when someone who is not from this country, looks down and even humiliate our country claiming that we are selfish, copycats. and also according to that person, we used singlish. it's true that we, Singaporean use simple English but I'm sure it's not all the time and of course not every single one of us. I as a Singaporean, do admit that we do speak 'Singlish' and very few of us really bother to speak proper English. btw she actually blogged about it.

but the thing is she's not from this country but is staying here. So being a PR in Singapore, is it right to humiliate the country that you're staying in? i don't think so! regardless which country you are in, be it staying in that particular country, or maybe just going for a holiday, it's totally not right to be humiliating and saying disrespectful things about the country. at the very least you could do is to respect, simple as it is.

She also said that she's not willing to stay here even if she were to be given a million dollars even if our President was the one paying her. in the first place, who would want to pay a disrespectuful stranger to be staying here for a million bucks!sorry to say this but she's not even worth that much. having her here would only cause trouble to every single Singaporean here, like seriously. who needs someone who has no respect for herself and a girl simply holds no shame for herself. she will be much happier being in the zoo sleeping in the mud with the pigs! the environment there suits her better!

Comments from Singaporean being very enraged by her humiliation. loads of unhappy comments about her. and in my opinion, i think she deserved it! who she think she is making sucha comment about a Country without thinking twice. and she's not that chio to be payed 1 million buck okay! I'm being generous enough *Flicks 10cents coins* on the ground. Ahahaha!

Okay i feel that my blog is awfully dirty now as i have her picture on my blog.
what's with the tongue sticking out?! ahaha now you know why anyone won't wanna pay her 1 million bucks for her to stay in OUR country! *Roll eyes*

And here's the proof of her claiming that she wouldn't want to be staying here even if Our President willingly paid her 1 million bucks! look at her professional English. i think even Singaporeans English are better than hers, period! she has the most awesome English indeed. and of course, without thinking twice, Singapore is the most awesome/best place to live in!! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010,
Not So Secret Lives of Us Contest‏.

I reckon some of you guys would start scratching your heads if there isn't any introduction on what this Not So Secret Lives of Us‏ is all about. well, basically it's a story about 2 juvenile, Trey and Jesse who are facing a situation which was somehow unexpected. the stories of what's happening to them and their life are actually penned down through a series of blog entries. in other words, an online diary! The story is fictional but the issues are real.

not forgetting to mention that their life also revolves around their close friends, Eleanor and Cameron. we as the readers, will follow their stories that's full of ups and downs. leaving our imagination run wild as we guess what will happen next. full of suspense but it's interesting, seriously!

So Trey was out one night with his friend drinking not thinking of the consequences. yes, people do drink but not realising that hangovers might not be a good thing afterall. hangovers might make an individual regret doing something they did for a lifetime. it's like a mark that would never disappear.

Trey was drunk hence not noticing anything till he was awake in a motel, unexpectedly. and the worst thing was that he didn't use any protection while having sexual intercourse with a lady! he then approached the lady that he went to bed with on the other night, and she confessed the truth. just because of his silly act, his and Jesse life was wrecked.

so the Moral of the story is to have "Protected" sexual intercourse! yes, not forgetting to use a condom. cause a condom can save you from all those hassle. well, you could just get a pack from any 7eleven outlet if you know that you would be having "fun" anytime. if not, prepare to face a millions of problems.
and if you know that you can't hold your liqour that well, try not to drink too much. cause when you're not drunk. you're not oblivious to your sorrounding.

apart from getting pregnant on a unprotected sex, one could actually be infected with disease. many kinda disease that you never expect!
so think twice before having unprotected sex.

How to prevent? (according to the bloggers kit)

-Stay away; whether you like it or not, the fact is that abstraining from sex is the best from of protection. avoid casual sex (sex with casual friends, strangers or prostitutes).

-Stay faithful; if you are in a relationship, stay faithful and ensure your partner does the same. both of you should be honest about your past relationships. if either of you have had sex before, get tested just to be sure that you both are not infected with HIV or other STIs.

-Stay covered; if you choose to engage in sexual activities, be sure to use a condom. check the expiry date of the condom. avoid storing condoms in your wallet; carrying the wallet in your back pocket may weaken the condom. Also, if you want to use lubricants, choose water-based ones; oil based lubricants can weaken the condoms. remember that using condoms correctly and consistently can help you reduce the risk of infection, but they do not give 100% protection.

-Stay alert; alcohol and other drugs tend to influence one's mental alertness.thus reducing one's ability to think coherently and be in control. this can result in unintended actions and consequences. so stay away from drugs and avoid indulging in alcohol.

Harmless fun may not be as harmless as you think. Find out why at You can join in the discussions too in the Facebook fan page. Here!

Last but not least, you could win yourself some cool prizes simply by just filling up the from provided! :D good luck.

Thursday, March 4, 2010,
My mum is a photographer!

I have been contemplating whether to persuade my mum to help me take photo of me ever since my cousin helped me with that awesome big banner photo on my blog that turned out nice unexpectedly. so i thought why not let my mum try being my photographer this time round since i was kinda bored earlier. if I'm not wrong, that was her first time being a amateur photographer!i then passed her my camera while i putting my jacket on and taught her how to function and the way to capture a image at the same time.

she seems blur at first but was kinda alright afterwards. i even told her not to capture the bottom part of my body since i only wanted to have a photo similar to the one cousin took which shows only the upper part of my body including the face, duh! like who wants to be shot without the head, haha!

we were already inside the room and so after putting on the jacket, i pushed the bed further up so i would have space to fit the both of my legs into the corner, ahahaha! i stood there while my fingers still fidgeting with the hair. taught mum how to hold the camera. during her first try, i was waiting for the flash to go off but there wasn't! ha, she didn't press and hold the button. seems that she was having a difficult time over at th end of th bed trying to capture.

second try was much better cause eventually there was flash but unfortunately my face was looking elsewhere thinking she will somehow "fail" capturing again. so she was constantly holding the capture button and of course the "photoshoot" went quite well, except that i don't own any Dslr so the pictures quality is not satisfying enough. some of the pictures she took turned out awful and blur but there was few of them which were good enough. good enough for a ancient first timer, ahaha! after the shoot she went straight to bed .__.

even though the pictures turned out not that bad, I'm satisfied with it. and i really appreciate the help from her although she was tired and was actually heading to bed but was persuaded by me! of course if i don't have anyone to help me with my photoshoots at home, my mum would be the one helping me! not reluctantly of course! *Smirks* you guys should try persuade your parents to help you too! it's fun and hilarious watching them trying to accomplish something new that they have never done before, capturing images. for instant, a newbie like my mum. nevertheless, photos taken by my mum™.. how is it?!




Monday, March 1, 2010,
Trip to the Central FireStation.

So i somehow accompanied Joey to the Central Fire Station few days ago.
i thought why not tagging along since i have never experience it before.
but unfortunately i had to dragged myself out early in the morning.
on a brighter note, i had the Kfc's Am porridge which i have been craving for since don't know when. it's like finally! haha.

Majority of you guys thought that being a firefighter is simple and easy.
but it isn't as simple like what you think. in fact it's even challenging!
being in a situation whereby you are suppose to save victims from places that are awfully on fire. going through the fire. the firefighters risk their life just to save those victims, but they place victim's live as their top priorities before themself. obviously this isn't as simple as you think. what do you say?

so we shouldn't take them for granted. majority of them are deprived of sleep.
but have to be awake the moment there's emergency and when the alarm it early in the morning or in the middle of the night, they have to reluctantly be up and to be all set to go within a minute! very efficient hur.
whenever you need them, they are there for you. we should seriously respect & salute them for the good deeds that they have done, saving lives!

Pictures in the heritage room!

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