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Wednesday, April 28, 2010,
Haji Lane "Photoshoot"

So i actually didn't plan anything cause i thought of watching the Star awards in the evening. yes, i was totally excited even before the show start. but eventually i only managed to catch the part where the celebrities walked on the red carpet. okay, unfortunately not all, i missed the very first part of the red carpet and then i thought to myself, why didn't i get to see the rest of the celebrities? and then shortly after, the red carpet ended abruptly! ahaha.

Anyhow, during the midst of being engrossed watching the show, got a message from this friend of mine. i tell you, she "belly" the irritating! ahaha. she kept asking me to head out persistently despite me hinting her that i wasn't in the mood to head out that night. but oh wells, eventually i went out with her, reluctantly! nonetheless i enjoyed myself. I'm so gonna stay home to catch the encore telecast of the Star awards! by hook or by crook. tsk!

We had dinner at bugis street's Mac and then roamed around trying to search for Haji Lane! we have never been there thus ending up go round bugis searching for that particular place. asked an uncle working at the 7eleven and he gave us the direction. it was kinda embarrassing for juvenile like us to be asking an uncle of a location that majority of us, youngster should know! we were roaming far from that Haji lane, totally fail. ahaha. sweated like hell, but of course we had our own "Photoshoot" ahaha.

In my opinion i think that this photo that i took for her is rather nice. as in the background with the lights and all. but of course. look who's the photographer! ahahah. anyway i seriously wish theres someone who can take good photo like how i took for them. i was the one deciding on where we should shoot and stuff lor. ending this post abruptly with my photos! photo's are abit blur cause i enlarge it :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010,
I love the rain, do you?

Monday, April 19, 2010,
Better late than never!

So before i start, the reason why i choose the caption "Better late than never" instead of many others. perhaps because this post is about th Hari raya 2009 which was few months back! but i'm blogging about it only now. have been procastinating to blog about it till now cause i just feel like it. ahaha!

Hari raya was as usual, visiting relatives house and of course collecting the green packets!Oh and for your infomation, my family and the closest cousin's family will always be visiting relatives house as a whole. and of course, we will never fail to wear the same colour each year for the baju kurung. for both male and female! just that the design for the female's are a little different from the males. going out as a whole is very fun. but i dread walking long distances!

"Tadah" Us camwhoring while walking! the rest are either walking behind us or didn't want to have their picture taken. don't mind the big heads ah! :P

Lunatic group photos!

Ahahah candid much?

Ending this post with a chio photo of my hair! :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010,
Fanciful highcut shoes!

If my memory doesn't fail me, i have only bought few pairs of sneakers. cause i didn't know that shoes also played a part in making one look attractive. i wasn't into shoes previously hence not bothering to consider getting a pair of shoes. even if I'm getting a pair of shoe, i will just anyhowly pick the ones that caught my eyes. i dont really like staying too long in a shop cause i will be constantly being watched by the sales person, like which person doesn't get watched while in a shop. I will be pretty satisfied as long as i have already gotten myself a new shoes.

The recent shoe that i got was from Leftfoot, Ceneleisure level 2 if i'm not wrong. there was loads of variety to choose from, that eventually gives one a massive headache deciding what to get! ahaha. but i took less than 5minute to get mine after going through the shoes one after another.

Anyhow like i said earlier, i randomly picked a shoe that caught my eyes without considering it any further. so here's a photo of me wearing it. i think its quite simple, but nonetheless i still love it! ahaha.High cut shoes are now in my wish-list! Muahaha. and if i'm not wrong they are now the "In" thing for fashion. i have seen lots of juvenile wearing it these days. awesome much?

Varieties of shoes! i wanna get one soon :)

Monday, April 12, 2010,
Threesome birthday celebration!

So my Saturday was spend quite well by celebrating two of my awesome cousins birthday at East Coast park! The elders suggested that i book the pit nearest to the washroom, which is specifically around the Macdonalds area. as you guys know that once the elders asked to do something, we have no right to forbid. plus how persistent they are. but we were eventually around the middle of the long stretch of bbq pits since the ones that are closer to the washroom are already booked. was asked why i booked this pit instead of the ones infront.

but we were fine, walking distance from our pit to the washroom takes us only less than 10 minutes! better than the pit whereby i booked for my birthday, we took 15minutes or more can!And thank god that it didn't rain on that day. but it was awfully humid to the extend of having a free sauna just by entering our tent. it was burning like hell. everyone didn't dare to step in before sunset!

Okay before i continue, i was kinda shocked realising that cousins didn't even plan anything for this bbq pit. everything was an impromptu decision. went to the wet market to get the foods only in the morning, on the actual day. unlike me, I'm always prepared with a pen and a piece of paper to note down every single details! it's better to be safe than sorry okay! tsk.

Here you go! a piece of paper that i actually wrote everything down before my birthday pit that was a month plus ago. ahaha! but despite being so organised, i actually forgotten to bring along the hotdogs that was in the fridge! only realised it when we were unpacking. so no choice, bought new ones from the store there. maybe because there was loads of things to remember la.

The large chocolate cakee!

"Nah" here's a photo of me sitting down looking bored. cause i was really bored. i have to keep myself occupied by going to and fro refilling my plastic cup. everyone was doing their own thing. both cousins was entertaining their own friends, the elders are chatting among themself and brother was at another vacant pit with his friends! sad right. but it was fine after awhile. ha.

Oh, this birthday celebration was actually meant for this three ladies which birthday falls in the month of April! the girl that is on the extreme right birthday falls on the 1st of April of while center and the left falls on the exact same day which is on the 20th of April. belated and advanced celebration. Happy birthday to them!! :)

One of of cousin with her Cliques! chio-ness. ahaha :p

Me with the Birthday Girls! ♥ ♥ ♥

Dawn and Weikiat was coincidentally at East Coast too! ahaha they initially wanted to rent bikes but the shop has already closed by that time. oh not forgetting that me and sister rented two bikes, one double seater and another the normal one for full day. which also means we only have to return the next morning since we are gonna overnight there. & it cost only about 12bucks! :)

What will happen when four individuals meet? but of course...

Camwhore time :)

"And nope, i wasn't biting bobby's hand". ahaha!

Look at this candid shot taken when we were getting ready to pose for the photos below. ahaha looks like they are singing the national anthem! their facial expression is priceless. taken before heading for the sea to swim!

pardon for the shagged faces cause this was taken early in the morning, and we obviously didn't had a nice sleep because of the humid weather.

covering cousin brother! he insisted that we cover him with the sand.

Captured before i sat next to cousin for a photo! "tsk" at photographer.

We were playing in the sea and actually forgotten all about the time. we were supposed to return those bikes at 10am the latest but we exceeded by half and hour. lucky the person didn't charge us for returning late! Muahaha.

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