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Wednesday, November 25, 2009,
me wants a new hairstyle, do you?

Seriously am gonna head to the salon soon for my hair cut!
it's been ages since i last touched my hair.
it's been neglected and now it's think and long(which i like)

but not the others. they kept reminding me to cut my hair without fail.
saying that's it's thick and all. it's my hair after all, right?
but they are getting on my nerve. I'm left with no choice.
I'm tired of hearing the same old thing over and over again.
like which human with the right mind wouldn't feel so eh.

so I'm planning to get my hair either trim or get a new hairstyle!
so excited yet nervous. the outcome is unpredictable, you know!
especially if I'm cutting at the heartland salon.
yes, they are great but not yet a pro! ha.

i have been having my haircut at the same salon every single time.
so i did get both bad and good outcome. as i said,unpredictable.
so this time, I'm thinking hard on whether should i stick to it?
or should i head to some other salons, maybe at town.

heard that the barber over at town are more experienced/better.
i really want to have a nice hairstyle.
and obviously not a ruined hairstyle aftermaths!

Just imagine me coming out of the salon(at Town) with a fugly hairstyle.
i would probably be covering and hiding myself from others!
i presume you guys would do the same lor.

i haven't decided on what hairstyle should i get or suits me.
but i reckon I'm keeping this BOOMZ hairstyle, but shorter for now.
let me ponder on it for a bit. will prolly be cutting next weeek!
yay or nay, hur?

I'm looking at the mirror now, what's with my hair! muahaha.


Ps://this photo was actually for the "colour my diet blogathon".
but decided to give it up halfway since i'm behind time. ha!

Friday, November 20, 2009,
Omfg, paranormal activity!

Unexpected meet up with buddies earlier this afternoon.
it's been quite a while since we last met.
many things changed during this short period.
the good and of course the bad.

after much consideration on where to go.
we decided to catch a movie at a nearby cinema.
yes, this time. i was the one who decided on the movie.
i choose the Paranormal activity.

Cousin told me the day before that it's scary.
so i thought why not give it a shot by watching.
it was actually worth watching although the ticket was at 9.50 each!
the movie was so frightening. not for the weak hearted! muahaha.

i was so obsessed with the movie that i actually paid attention to it.
Unlike some other show that actually made me slept in the cinema.
anyway my point is that the show is a "must watch"

you won't regret watching the show, trust me!
even i thought of watching it again! ha.
ratings: 4/5!

i shall be mean by not elaborating the story.
making suspense so that you guys will head down to the cinema!
haha have fun watching, don't pee in your pants arh! *winks*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009,
where you wanna be this chrismas eve.

Just by watching the chipmunks can get me idea on what to blog.
it's all about how you want to celebrate this coming Christmas.
well, Christmas is coming real soon. people can't wait for it to come, i know!
not to worry, time flies. it will be Christmas pretty soon.

the spraying of foams and all just excites me. seriously!
and obviously with good buddies to celebrate with.
walking through the nicely decorated Christmas tree and lights.

but isn't it mundane to be at Town every year to celebrate Christmas?
no doubt, i celebrated Christmas at orchard for few years.
and i think it's kinda boring if we do the same thing over & over again.
pretty much yearning for even nicer place to celebrate Christmas!

I thought out of the box, on where and how to celebrate Christmas.of course in a different manner. let's be creative! ha.

Town will obviously be packed with people on Christmas eve.
so i guess that's the disadvantage, being there to celebrate.

why not choose a place with nice ambiance to celebrate it?
like somewhere with not much people.

Christmas only comes once a year, so better celebrate it in a way you won't regret. something that you will not forget. a memorable Christmas.

well i have thought of some place! ha.i reckon you guys will think it's ridiculous.why be at (etc) botanic garden on Christmas eve?
and the question goes on and on.
how do we celebrate Christmas at that kinda place.

well, what you guys can do is to have a picnic, to celebrate Christmas!
isn't awesome to have your cliques with you chatting through the night.
& exchanging gift for one another.
you guys can have some candles lying around to make it nicer.
it depends on your creativity, though.

something's wrong with blogger, like i have to end the entry's a list of places that i thought of.
well, the rest depends on your imagination.

Muahaha i know, it will be so awesome if you're celebrating
somehow the same like what i thought of, right?
christmas is coming and i'm not sure where to go with cliques.

i reckon that we'll be heading to Orchard road.
cause i just love spraying foams at others.
spraying with satisfaction, hur hur!
okay lah, got to go now. byebye :)

1-Henderson waves
2-Singapore flyer
3-Botanic garden
4-Orchard road

Friday, November 13, 2009,
hello blogosphere, i'm back!

After decades of not blogging due to some problems, I'm finally back now!
hey people, thdelex's is back on the second. why second?
cause this is somehow my second blog, not much different, though.

Thanks to that unknown human who hacked my previous blog.
yes, the blog where i have been ranting and stuffs for two years.
well, i have learnt my lesson and that shall not repeat, ever again.

One month plus have passed in a flash where i have been missing
from blogosphere. I'm glad that I'm officially back! wee.
i simply love blogging, and will never stop, period.

went through thick and thin throughout the previous month.
went out with buddies, as usual and stayed home most of the time.
yups, that's prolly what i have been doing the previously.

anyway, i have been going for audition and all.
one of them is Teens magazines. and just got a call from them.
going for a second audition tomorrow! super excited yet nervous.
this wasn't expected cause i thought i screw everything on the first audition.

well, least you guys could do, is wish me all the best eh.
and that will obviously boast the confident in me, ha!
you could wish me through the tag board, though.
much appreciated.

hmm quite satisfied with the way things are, now.
gonna be ready for tml's audition.
done with my first post, please come back for more.
assure you the best in posting, cross heart ( like again)! ha.
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