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Friday, November 20, 2009,
Omfg, paranormal activity!

Unexpected meet up with buddies earlier this afternoon.
it's been quite a while since we last met.
many things changed during this short period.
the good and of course the bad.

after much consideration on where to go.
we decided to catch a movie at a nearby cinema.
yes, this time. i was the one who decided on the movie.
i choose the Paranormal activity.

Cousin told me the day before that it's scary.
so i thought why not give it a shot by watching.
it was actually worth watching although the ticket was at 9.50 each!
the movie was so frightening. not for the weak hearted! muahaha.

i was so obsessed with the movie that i actually paid attention to it.
Unlike some other show that actually made me slept in the cinema.
anyway my point is that the show is a "must watch"

you won't regret watching the show, trust me!
even i thought of watching it again! ha.
ratings: 4/5!

i shall be mean by not elaborating the story.
making suspense so that you guys will head down to the cinema!
haha have fun watching, don't pee in your pants arh! *winks*

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