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Sunday, December 6, 2009,
Expect the unexpected.

Well i have decided to do a proper post hence deleting the previous one.
felt guilty for doing such a mundane post, so here i am.
so you guys must appreciate this cause I'm blogging although
I'm down with a fever. i didn't expect myself to be down with it.

I can remember myself hiding under the blanket for the entire night.
i even wore my thick jacket and cover myself with the blanket.
that was how cold/sick i felt. my body temperature was up and down, too!
first it was 38.3 and then it went up to 38.8. awesome or what?

to be frank, that was the first time since the past years
that i was down with a fever! i can remember vaguely that i was not
the one that was down with any sickness. the ones was either my
cousins or my sister. and i finally did have it yesterday night!

No one knew about this cause i only had the fever around 3am whereby
all my family and cousins are sound asleep. so i cuddled under the
blanket shivering. never thought i could be down with fever lah!

Oh i if you are following me on twitter, you guys should know
that i threw the kfc chicken after a few plucks! and
also the rice cause i had no appetite. even swallowing my own
saliva can be very difficult and painful! sigh.

woke up early this morning for no specific reason, at 5am.
i couldn't get back to sleep then.
was covering myself with the blanket most of the time.
watch mickey slept and i tossed around trying to sleep.but attempt failed.

cousin woke up early and she gave me her medcine.
felt much better after i took medcine that cousin gave me. she had lots of unused medcines. save me the trouble of walking to the clinic! heh.
anyway, thanks to those that were concern about me. love love!

okay gotta drink my ice lemon tea now although i have yet to be
fully recovered! but the fever have subsided, though. major glad!
no appetite for anything. perhaps i should rest abit more.
byebye piggys. do take care of yourself too okay?
i is missing my thick hairstyle!


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