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Tuesday, December 8, 2009,
Taking the public transport.

Basically this post is all about public transport.
just another random thought of mine being penned down.
they are advantages and disadvantages of taking the public transport.

the advantages;

You get to meet more people and hence make more friends when you take the public transport. This widens your social circles and makes life very much meaningful and enjoyable. you can even observe people by taking the public transport! from the way they dress them self to the way they communicate.

You help to save the environment. With one vehicle less on the road, collectively, there will be a lot less vehicles on the roads. Hence you help to ease congestion on the roads and hence emission of carbon dioxide and other green house effect emissions.

You get to admire the scenery if the bus or the train runs through scenic regions. By driving a vehicle, you would have been too focused on driving safely and keeping your vision straight ahead instead of admiring what is around you. ha!

You get to catch up on some lost sleep on the bus or the train which you would not be able to do if you are driving. like what majority of us do when they we in the train/bus early in the morning.

There is less chance of an accident if you are on the bus or the train since you would be in the safe hands of a professional driver who drives for a living and that's none other than the SBS drivers!

You get to read the book that you have always longed to read but have been putting it off recently because of other commitments. With nothing to do on the bus or the train, it would be time well spent to catch up on some of that reading.

You will be less stressed. If you are taking the public transport, you will be less likely to be stressed out from the anxiety of trying to get a parking lot and trying to beat the traffic or be harassed by other inconsiderate road users.

You get to do some exercising by getting from the bus stop or bus terminal to your destination. just by walking, even if it's a short distance. it's somehow
counted a exercising. so people can put their mind at ease if they haven't been
exercising lately. heh!

You get to listen to your MP3 since you are leaving the driving to the bus driver.

You may get to meet your other half on the bus, coincidentally!
muahaha. just imagine yourself boarding the train one day, early in the morning with your eyes half shut. then you accidentally bumped onto someone gorgeous that somehow catches your attention.

chat a bit and exchange phone numbers.few months later. you are a couple! that would be awesome right?!that's the benefit of taking the public transport!

And the disadvantages;

Public transport is not under your control, the timings are never correct. they will never arrive at the expected timings. they can be very very late while you sit uncomfortably at the bus stop sweating profusely.

Public transport drivers are very rash and sometimes rude to the passengers.
some can be greeting the passengers politely with a smile while they are boarding the bus and some others can be staring at you for no specific reason like you have done something wrong! tsk.

Sometimes they do not stop at the designated stops and one has to keep waiting for the arrival of the next bus which probably takes quite long. really detest driver who don't stop for the people who are running after the bus.
they pretended to know nothing.

Public transport is terribly crowded making it difficult for old people,pregnant
,sick persons to travel. there are some inconsiderate passengers that could just sit there looking at the people who needs the seat more than them instead of giving them their seats.

Not forgetting those brainless juvenile who deliberately blast their awful songs through their phone as if everybody's enjoying the darn music. for some reason, they think that it's super cool having their music on-ed loudly with their both legs leaning against the seat infront. of course, those people who are exhausted from work that's in the bus can have doubt about having a short nap in the bus.

After all this reviews on public transport, what do you guys think?
should you guys continue to take the public transport.
Of course we should!!
there are disadvantages but nevertheless public transport is Awesome okay! :)
Our lives are nothing without them.

The taxi

The train

The buses

Ending this post off with me photo! heh. byebye piggys!

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