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Thursday, September 29, 2011,
Photoshoots with Mum!

So here i am at home on a freaking friday with no plans, i feel like a pathetic loser. when people should be out with friends etc, i'm always with zero plans, meh. even if i have plans in mind, my friends are busy so they might not make it. spend my afternoon watching American next top model. okay real loser. anyways, two week of the holidays are gonna be over pretty soon and it's gonna be left with another few days of holidays. time flies when we are having fun and when we're having our holidays. but it's ridiculously slow when we're in class!

so i just had the urge to take photos yesterday and me and mum went outdoors near my place to have a mini photoshoots. i'm always so hyped up for things like this! haha. but i just wish i could learnt how to take more professional photos with the photos turning a tad blurry. maybe i should chaged my dslr lens soon, like after i'm done paying my debt to Singtel. and #2pm's concert in November! yes, i'm most probably heading to the concert with two of my friends. freaking excited. and i'm worried i might be screaming like a fan boy and embarrass myself in public. Rofl.

Altogether i had like three different photoshoots with mum on different days so i'm gonna upload them all in order starting from the first photoshoot i had with her!

Photoshoot #1

2 face shot of myself, i like it. feels so natural.

Okay so i brought my mum to this long pathway which has bushes and leaves all over the floor which gives it a very autumn' feel to it. and it's near to our place, so convenient! (;

A photo of me and my personal photographer! my mum ^^ best mum, best photographer (;

Photoshoot #2

Photoshoot #3

Random photo of a tree that i passed by, love the scenery.

Me and trying to blend with the tree behind, giving the calm feeling. okay fail right?

Imagine wearing something so thick at that time, it was so hot. sweated underneath the pullover but i kept going on, cause nothing is gonna stop me from doing the things i love (;

Random photo of my hair that day.



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