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Monday, September 12, 2011,
Getting different hair colour!

Sorry for not updating as frequently as before. just didn't feel like blogging and obviously i was feeling real lazy to even blog, but i did tweet and update status on my facebook okay! so i'm not considered dead yet. and yes, i'm mr procastinate cause i tend to procastinate alot.

so during the past one month, i got myself different types of hair colour. yes, i know the consequences of colouring one's hair that frequently. it might damage your scalp and hair. but who gives a damn to these consequences when the hair colouring was all sponsered! hehe, specially thanks to StyleBylouis & Co (Search them on Facebook & like them).

and for some reason, the photo i wanted to upload can't be seen here after few attempt to upload it, for whatever reason it doesn't appear, urgh annoying! it's a photo of my hair before i dyed it blonde. so yeah just imagine me in my usual brownish hair colour, Lol!

The blonde! a close up of my blondish hair below. i like it, though it's a tad too bright for me as i'm still schooling. furthermore afew of my classmates told me it doesn't really suits me. meh. so i decided to get myself a brown, using the gatby dye hair which i usually use. and it turned out to be a different colour, a unique one i guess.

The aftermaths of colouring my hair with the brown gatsby hair dye. what colour is it? i have no idea too, it's a mixture of colour i guess. unique right! Lolol.

My current display wallpaper for facebook and wallpaper! I love it, self shot ftw (;

I really like the colour after i dyed it with the gatsby brown, but i stupidly went to Stylebylouis and get my hair recoloured when i can still keep since there's two weeks of school holiday for us next week wtff! totally regretted it now, current hair colour is Dark ashbrown plus some strips of purple. love it, nonetheless. just that my recent haircut was a disaster!

Dark ashbrown with alittle bit of purple! thanks StylebyLouis & Co! (:

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