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Thursday, October 13, 2011,
Shoot with project mates.

Updating about a shoot that happened months ago with afew of my project mates. this shoot was initially taken for our profile shoot as we thought of doing a booklet with shoot but we eventually changed our mind few weeks later. not doing a booklet! but i love the photos nonetheless. we went to Scape to have our shoot. it similar to those photos with gravity drawings in the background which i have always wanted to do. oh btw, 'Stylistic is our group name. wahaha!

This is myself and my project mates, having our group shot. Photo credit: Tiffany

Then we did another shot, thinking it's best to have two by two poses, LOlol.

Joseph and Gumingben.

Me and Abdillah.


And photos below will be the individual shot of us (;

I think wearing few layers of clothes on you in Singapore is totally not advisable. because it's freaking humid, whats new right? but i don't really care about what people might think about me wearing such clothings during that disastrous weather. cause the sun won't stop me from wearing what i want. it wouldn't kill, the most is that i would sweat more. i can bare with it (;

Me and Joseph. as you can tell he doesn't like to take photos T_T

Photo with our companion, apparently they're from other groups, lolol. anyways that's tiffany and kasturi. they were supposed to do their project work too, but ended up camwhoring with us.

Edited our individual photos into a collage, me likey!
posted this on facebook and someone asked if we're a BOYBAND! hehehe *Grins*

Ending this post with a chio photo of us, again. so greenish, don't even look like we took in in Singapore. anyways, we'll be having a photoshoot next week in a studio. the theme will be a tad kpop-ish, can't wait! :D

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