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Friday, December 11, 2009,
Hamsters are adorable, much!

Okay cousins left the house early in the morning for some shopping.
so here i am at home without any entertainment except this desktop!
pathetic me. i deserved it for waking up late in the afternoon. ha.

well, it's not bad either. much peace at home without the little cousin!
gonna randomly post something up now. wahaha.
i actually thought of getting a hamster from the nearby heartland shop.
i walked past the shop the other day and i saw those cute hamsters!

it's effing cute! it's been a while since i last owned/touched one.
so i thought that getting myself one would be a brilliant idea.

but I'm having second thoughts, however though.
my aunt is afraid of rats and hamster and will prolly get freaked out at
the sight of a hamster. that's the only problem lah!
let me ponder on it for a bit, yeah! anyhow photos of cutie hamsters.

unfortunately i picked only ten photos cause theres too much cute ones!
the photos make me have the urge to get one pretty soon.
don't deny the fact that they are adorable, please!!

they're so cute that you might wanna squeeze/love them to death! ha.

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