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Tuesday, December 15, 2009,
things change overnight, like mine.

I'm at some lan gaming shop with bobby and the loud noises are killing me!have no choice but to head here with him as i wanna be away from home for abit.i was unstably emotional in the afternoon. never expected things to be this way.

i wanna be freed from home to let me mind be at ease, but it's ruined!
cause I'm here at this effed up loud place, and i detest it. major headache.
everythings so loud that i can barely hear myself. everything vibrating. argh.

it's utterly mundane over here surfing the net while Bob's playing life4dead.obviously this is not my cup of tea.i don't play games.especially Lan gaming!really contemplating heading out of this effing loud place which i can't stand.i got over it. so here i am blogging but with a frown on my face! ha.

Don't understand these people who are over here blasting the volume of the desktops .like come on at least give us some peace, basic etiquette please?
or maybe should i say, some people over here doesn't have it,oh well.
and also this type of place belongs to those juvenile gangsters, right?

Okay shall not rant any further as i can't concentrate on blogging myself!
anyhow, i hate my life at this point of time, period! hope everything will be fine.shall Be more optimistic and look on the brighter side. my readers should too!
Nothing is impossible. when there's a will,there's a way :)

let's do it this way. tell me about your problems on my tag board!
haha no worries if you guys think that it's too confidential.
well that's all for now! gonna suffer in the LOUD place for another hour. bye Piggy's!

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