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Wednesday, June 23, 2010,
Trip to Phuket, part 2!

Here's the third day of our Phuket trip. so everything was kinda the same, breakfast in the morning. as usual, an egg plus few toasted bread for me while Jolene and the rest are nomming on good food! porridge and stuff. that's basically the disadvantages for me when heading to such places that are mostly selling non-halal foods! i can only rely on instant noodles and some non-pork stuff. and i actually saw a cup noodle with PORK wtf?!

oh anyhow, we rent a cab for 4hours and the cab driver will drive us to any places we wanted to go. pretty awesome huh. so as tourist over there, the cab driver will then tell us more about this and that place, so on and so forth. he also did brought us to places we never intended to go. and not forgetting to mention that the cab driver was kind and never rude to us! if only those taxi drivers in Singapore are as good mannered like them.

The first place the taxi brought us to was this "Pearl factory". those pearl are taken from oyster shells. but have to go through many procedures. and then made into pearl necklace which cost a bomb, i think?

How To Tell A Fake Pearl - googled.

• Check the weight of the pearl. A real pearl has some heft to it and is, of course, heavier than a plastic imitation.
• Feel the surface of the pearl. If you gently rub two pearls together and feel a slight grittiness, the pearls are real. If the sensation is smooth, it’s likely the “pearls” are made of plastic.
• Check for natural flaws. All real pearls have flaws because this is a natural process; the likelihood of a real pearl having a perfect shape, for example, is next to nothing. On the other hand, a good pearl should not have too many flaws.
• Sea pearls take time to produce. Some pearl shops may try to fool buyers into paying over the odds by selling them river pearls, which take a much shorter time to produce. Also, a river pearl oyster can produce 50 pearls or more, whereas its marine cousin can produce only one at a time.
• The most difficult scam to detect is pearls made from the dust left over after real pearls are made into jewellery. Using modern technology, this dust can be moulded into a “pearl” that is so like the real thing, with the right weight, luster and even colour, that it takes a professional to tell the difference.

Making in process, before.

Beautiful pearls, after!

Initially we wanted to head to the waterfall, which seems rather nice. furthermore i haven't been to any waterfalls except for those tiny man made waterfalls in Singapore. but when we arrived at that particular place the cab driver brought us to, there wasn't any beautiful waterfall as stated in the brochure. so much for being very excited!

yes, there was this tiny waterfall, but the water was rather dirty and it looks more like a polluted drain than a waterfall. we actually climbed all the way up the mountain only to find the waterfall isn't as what we expected! so we headed to the Beach which we were so looking forward to since day 1.

This was the only thing we did over at the beach! jet ski-ing, it was pretty scary at first but was fine afterwards. and it costs us like 60SGD! i had to ride with birdie at the back. she's freaking me out by screaming when i had problems controlling the thingy. we have to go through the strong waves which made the jet-ski moved from side to side.

i tried my best not to fall cause if the thing that we were riding overturns, we have to pay for the damage. that was what i feared since the start! never collapse. but eventually me and birdie was thrown out from the thing because the waves was to strong! but we're lucky the jet-ski didn't turnover! birdie then stood by the sand watching me riding it alone. and there was fucking loads of Jellyfish, floating in the water! ;(

The parachute that was pulled by a speeding boat! seems scary.

Part 3 up next!!!

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