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Saturday, June 12, 2010,
Applying for my passport!

Do you guys ever feel so lazy that you wished there are more ways for you to do things, like to do something more efficiently. I'm sure everyone dreads queuing up for a long time. especially when you have to travel so far just to apply for a particular thing. as for this, I'm referring to applying/renewing your passport.

i did have the same feeling, i was utterly lazy to get my arse off to ica building to apply for my passport. but i suddenly remembered that there's another alternative that i dont realy need to travel all the way to ica building. and also i could avoid waiting so long! furthermore it’s so much more accessible and convenient.

i applied mine through Singpost! its freaking efficient, no queue at all. that seriously made me a happy boy! ahaha. but my first passport photo was rejected because i had my forehead partially covered by my fringe. so i decided to take another passport photo, with my forehead exposed. this time, they accepted it and that was all that i have to do, just fill up a form and i'm done!

well, the differences between applying over at Singpost cost 10bucks more than doing at ica itself. anyway its just 10 bucks! i would have spend more than 10bucks if i were to head to ica with cab, even though i'm staying not that far.
for your information, this is my first time applying thus it cost me 80bucks through Singpost. not sure of the cost if this is not your first time, though.

Apply at ica building - 70bucks!
Apply at Singpost - 80bucks!

so what're you you waiting for! if you're smart enough, you will choose Singpost as the queues are not long and you dont have to wait for hours! and and and i collected my passport in less than a a weeek! awesome much? Flying off in two days time, know where i'm heading to? muahaha.

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