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Thursday, May 6, 2010,
Life is full of ups & down.

Life is full of ups and down. when people are happy they celebrate but when they are sad, they tend to think that suicidal is the only way to solving the problems. there are many other alternatives for us to choose from. getting ourself hurt physically is not gonna make things better. like for example, cutting your wrist or suicidal. so be wise, solving problems are difficult but nothing is impossible, it only takes time.

few days ago, there was this tragic incident whereby an aunty committed suicide at my block. of course i was terrified when i heard about it. my dad who was outside my house heard the loud bang, some passerby later mention to him that someone jumped down thus he went to take a look. according to him, he couldn't identify the aunty as she was lying with her face facing the ground.

i went there even before the police arrived, trying to get near to take a look but i couldn't. something was holding me back. so i went home after that. i just didn't have the guts to get closer and take a look at the body. yes, i was like a mouse. heading home was the best for me than to have the image of the body haunting me all night.

and thankfully it didn't happened anywhere near my place as I'm also staying at the ground floor. but it was awfully directly infront of a Malay house, coincidentally at the time, the daughter of theirs witnessed the incident, therefore she was traumatised. the family then have to do some family gathering to recite some prayers, thus coming over to my place earlier to pass us some porridge that they made. nobody wants this to happen either.

so i was pondering on what eventually made the lady decided to end her life. the decision was not wise, leaving her sons and daughters weeping upon seeing her body. anyone with the right mind would be devastated seeing your loved ones leaving you, in this case unexpectedly. my sincere condolences to them.

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