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Sunday, May 23, 2010,
My current obsession!

So as you guys know, I'm officially one of the thousands/millions who are using iPhone. iPhone is indeed very common but nah it's okay. the outside might be the same, but the inside is totally different. from the games, the songs and of course the photos. each individuality have their own uniqueness. the best thing about owning an iPhone is that there are many varieties of iPhone covers to choose from!

Hence me planning to buy all sorts of iPhone covers, of course fanciful ones. it can be match with our outfit or even our mood! so currently i have only 4 iPhone covers which is kinda pathetic and i intend to get more if i ever pass by shops that sells iPhone covers that caught my attention.

everytime i passby any shop that have display of the covers, i will go in and take a look at those covers. even my cousin have to stop me from buying them and remind me that i already have few of them at home. but sometimes i just take a look at the covers cause some may not be as fanciful or its not my type.

now let me show you my collection!

1st - "Flip" cover with something like snake/rough texture!

2nd - typical rubber cover!

3rd - Chocolate iphone cover!

Pretending it's edible! ahahaha.

4th - France Iphone cover!

So that's my current collection of the covers! pardon me for the fugly photos, hope you guys don't mind. will be updating again about the iPhone covers only if i manage to get another 4. that's ridiculous! but will try getting one by one ;P

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