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Monday, May 10, 2010,
My iphone, verge of dying.

Oh yes, i can has an iPhone since a week ago! i have been wanting to own an iPhone myself ever since everyone was raving about it, those advertisements everywhere made it sounds so cool, fun and interesting with loads of apps. that tempt me even more! thus me getting it only last week. was so happy cause i have never own any good phone in my life, my previous phone was a N81 which i find it average yet boring.

So my previous phone, the N81 was quite tough being able to survive until now. this phone has been with me for a year with countless time of hard impact falls. there was once where it went under the running tap accidentally but as i said it's tough. I'm still using it as my second phone. power anot? no doubt, there are cracks and scratches here and there. I'm indeed a "Good" owner huh!

back to my precious iPhone that scared the hell out of me yesterday night when it suddenly hang for no specific reason! nothing could be done, hence i panic. tried to turn it off but it jammed again, then the screen stucked there for as long as i could remember. i decided to leave it in my wardrobe for the night while i use my tough phone. i was so upset, i even thought of sending it for repair today. without the iPhone, it sucks to the max! Me love Iphone :)

So this morning when i woke up, i tried numerous ways again. just trying my luck! yet again, nothing could be done. Joey then text me asking me to press this particular two buttons, which i did and the phone automatically off-ed! i then turn it on again and i was relieved to see it coming back to normal! ahaha. seriously this Joey is super smart la! wondering where she learnt it from. this also save me the trouble to bring it for repair, hehe! thanks xiaosotong ;)

before i end this post, my instinct tells me that maybe its my cousin's fault that my iPhone hang because she's persistently using my iPhone to play the Taptap3! she's obsessed with it. have to be wary of her in future, haha!

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