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Sunday, May 16, 2010,
Long or short hair?

Oh so i regretted having my impromptu decision to have my hair cut two days ago.i had mine my hair trimmed weeks ago and i find it too thick recently thus the decision made. the person cut my hair short despite me asking for a trim only. while i was busy looking at something else while the person was cutting my hair, i realised that he was cutting my hair too short so i told him not to cut it any shorter. afterall this is my second time, my hair had been ruined by him.

initially i didn't even intend to have him helping me with the haircut, since he already ruined my hair the other time. that was when i swore to myself not to let him snap my hair anymore! i was hoping that the lady who cut my hair weeks ago would be free to cut mine but unfortunately she was with other customer. hence the guy cutting my hair, eventually.

i once again, swore to myself as to be more wary of the people snapping my hair the next time round. and of course, would never ever let that exact same guy to cut my hair! its not that i hate him, well everyone has their own preference. & i prefer barber who makes my hair looks nicer instead of the other way round.But after i had my hair cut, my cousins and some other people commented that it's not that bad and that it's neater than my thick-messy-hairstyle! ahahaha. frankly i don't know which hairstyle suits me lar! oh and I'm getting sick of my current hair colour which i dyed 2 or 3 weeks ago, me wants new hair colour!

seriously i can't remember how many time i had my haircut ruined by barbers! it's uncountable, especially years ago! urgh how i wish i have a particular hairstylish who i will go to every single time i need a haircut without coming out of the salon with a belly sad face! professional hairstylish that is, oh i am dreaming again!

Oh! and before it slips my mind, i thought of doing a hairstyling tutorial but due to the disaster haircut i had, it had to be postpone. maybe in a week or two then i shall do it. don't worry, my hair grows pretty fast la! ahaha.



So which do you prefer? Long or short hair? ahahhahaha :)

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