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Wednesday, April 28, 2010,
Haji Lane "Photoshoot"

So i actually didn't plan anything cause i thought of watching the Star awards in the evening. yes, i was totally excited even before the show start. but eventually i only managed to catch the part where the celebrities walked on the red carpet. okay, unfortunately not all, i missed the very first part of the red carpet and then i thought to myself, why didn't i get to see the rest of the celebrities? and then shortly after, the red carpet ended abruptly! ahaha.

Anyhow, during the midst of being engrossed watching the show, got a message from this friend of mine. i tell you, she "belly" the irritating! ahaha. she kept asking me to head out persistently despite me hinting her that i wasn't in the mood to head out that night. but oh wells, eventually i went out with her, reluctantly! nonetheless i enjoyed myself. I'm so gonna stay home to catch the encore telecast of the Star awards! by hook or by crook. tsk!

We had dinner at bugis street's Mac and then roamed around trying to search for Haji Lane! we have never been there thus ending up go round bugis searching for that particular place. asked an uncle working at the 7eleven and he gave us the direction. it was kinda embarrassing for juvenile like us to be asking an uncle of a location that majority of us, youngster should know! we were roaming far from that Haji lane, totally fail. ahaha. sweated like hell, but of course we had our own "Photoshoot" ahaha.

In my opinion i think that this photo that i took for her is rather nice. as in the background with the lights and all. but of course. look who's the photographer! ahahah. anyway i seriously wish theres someone who can take good photo like how i took for them. i was the one deciding on where we should shoot and stuff lor. ending this post abruptly with my photos! photo's are abit blur cause i enlarge it :)

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