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Friday, July 16, 2010,
I have a "pecah" smile!

Sorry for not blogging that often, really had no idea what to blog about.
i had always thought of blogging emo related stuff but i guess that will only bore you guys further. but i kept telling myself that this blog belongs to myself and no one should ever complain about what i type cause basically this is mine and I'm free to write whatever i have in mind. do you think so too?

yeah so probably i might post emo stuff when I'm feeling down. strangely, i feel more motivated to blog when I'm down or pissed. so that makes me have the urge to pen down my thoughts on this only space of mine.

so the other day, i was quite agitated about myself when i looked into mirror. i was practically staring into the mirror while in the midst of showering. i was trying to smile with my teeth "naturally". but at that point of time, i somehow couldn't smile naturally and i thought i looked kinda weird. i felt frustrated. and somehow i remembered quite a few incident whereby bobby claimed that i don't know how to smile with my teeth! that's like giving me a slap on the face.

like who wants to be commented in that way when you thought you looked okay. he said that the way i smile looks very "Pecah" (a Malay word used for the mat reps to describe something/someone as ugly or cannot make it etc). the word is indeed harsh. do you even like to be commented the way he did to me? i presume no right! yes i think the way i smile looks very "pecah", right?

but in my opinion, i think i look better smiling when I'm taking picture myself. but when it comes to someone taking picture of me, i tend to be very shy and nervous so i might looked weird. its like my smile don't wanna appear. sigh.

Example of me smiling, auto timer.

See i don't think i look natural in this pic! you can tell that I'm shy (i think?) just by looking at my face and the way i smile. so depressing not to have the killer smile! i wish i had a killer smile. okay so now i know I'M UGLY :(

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