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Saturday, June 26, 2010,
Trip to Phuket, Part 3!

The last day in awesome Phuket, missing Phuket already! the last day was pretty much the same, except that we did some last minute shopping and explore new places. we didn't had the chance to do most of the outdoor stuff there as we didn't had enough time. and perhaps because we ran out of cash! i was pathetically broke after spending my cash on clothes and chewing gums! and that expensive jet-ski. we had great fun, nonetheless.

We had to check out of the hotel reluctantly at 12pm when our flight was at 10pm. so we left our bags and luggage at the counter while we went to a random shopping mall to kill time. had lunch at kfc and went roaming around.

camwhore before leaving the hotel room!

saying goodbye to cosy room! ):

three of them plus me while trying to find our way back. we went to a market by the motorbike but went back by foot! amazing right. cause we couldn't find any transport back so we decided to walk all the way back to the city where there were motorbikes to bring us to another place. long walk! like i previously said, we're surrounded by huge mountains!

And below are some random shots of rabbits in cage! they're so adorable that we spend quite some time over there admiring them.:)

Rabbit posing for the camera! cute much? ;D

After roaming around, we decided to head back to our hotel as we were exhausted and they heat was killing us. so we made an impromptu decision to book a room for afew hours before checking out again. me and Eric then went to swim! while jolene and birdie stayed in the room watching tv. no fun one!

Eric, Jolene and Me!

Tom yam soup and the fried rice was fantabulous, omgs!

Heading to the Airport.

Our heavy bags and luggage!

On the plane

And arrived in Singapore! ;)

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