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Monday, June 28, 2010,
Little things that motivates.

Was out with Joey one typical afternoon, having our lunch at a MacDonald outlet along Orchard road. trying to kill time before catching our movie which was 2hours later. she then told me that she have got something to pass me, while taking something out from her wallet and then after, passed it to me.

it was a small glittery sticker that are meant to be stick on electronic stuff. so i immediately stick it on the top left hand corner of my IPhone. it was just like any normal sticker to me at first. like a tiny thing to make decorate my iPhone with. but it was a tiny sticker with the word "Never give up"on it.

while walking around town, i coincidentally bumped into someone i nearly forgotten. since then, the memories kept haunting me leaving me utterly hurt just by thinking about the past. like who wouldn't feel sad, in fact disastrous. you will then start thinking how foolish you were back then not appreciating and treasuring things. not doing stuff that you as a other half should do and how fucking stupid you were letting go out the special "Kite". the list goes on and on. the next thing you realised is that you're tearing. heartbroken.

so the next day, i made an impromptu trip to somewhere i used to go. where all the old memories are. i waited and waited but i knew that it's never gonna be the same anymore. i was on the verge of giving up everything. i then fidgeted with my iphone and at the same time, i saw the sticker that was given by Joey. the sicker with "Never give up".somehow, it rang a bell. i was then motivated and decided not to give up. i kept waiting but eventually went home with a heartache. so looking at the sticker through and through, i will tell myself never to give up! things may look impossible but it's not like what you think.

this might be a tiny sticker but it meant alot to me. especially when one is down. it's this little things that motivates us. little things that you thought are nothing useful. so this little sticker gave me the motivation. the motivation to continue with what I'm intending to. in fact I'm heading back there again later! so start giving your friends this tiny sticker or anything that may motivate them. making them sure that you will be always be with them nomatter wherever they are. making sure they never give up!

really appreciate Joey for being so thoughtful. and really wanna thank her for being there listening to me venting my anger and telling her things that i had been bottling it up ever since. from the bottom of my heart, Thank You! ;)

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