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Tuesday, July 6, 2010,
Movie preview, Despicable me.

Thanks to Omy, i was invited to the movie preview of Despicable me yesterday. it was awesomely hilarious! especially with all those cute yellow thingy called Minions and of course, the three orphan! i specially liked the little girl, definitely the cutest out of the three of them.

With the minion mascot! :)


Despicable Me is about Gru, a super villain, who’s ultimate goal is to steal the moon so he can always remain the greatest super villain of all time. In order to do so, he must steal a shrink ray gun from his top rival, Vector. Vector seems to always be one up on Gru, stealing impressive objects such as the Great Pyramid of Giza. As Gru is trying to hatch a plot to nab the shrink ray from his rival, three adorable orphans showed up selling cookies and that’s when he had an idea. He saw these three little girls as an easy way to get through into Vector’s lair and goes on to adopt them from the orphanage.

but somehow the orphan turned his life upside down, damaging his experimental stuff and also when the kids expected him to read them bed time story followed by a kiss before falling asleep, he declined at first.

one day, a mean lady from the orphanage came knocking on his door wanting to take back the three kids because of some reason, and eventually she took the kids back with the kids on the backseat of her car. Gru then felt upset but overcome it and continued his plan to steal the moon. but before that he had promised the girls to be at their ballet dance performance. right after shrinking the moon with the shrink ray gun, he sped down to the girls performance from the sky but didn't make it on time. there wasn't anyone at the concert hall. but there was a note from his rival, vector stating that the girls is with him, kidnapped. alas, he then saved them.

deep inside he was a kind, a good hearted guy. he eventually read them a good night story and gave kissed them on the forehead. pretty touching though. I'm gonna watch it for the second time soon! muahaha.

Catch Despicable me in theaters 8th of July! Click here!

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