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Tuesday, August 10, 2010,
something i yearn to do.

Pardon me for the lack of updates! it's been terribly long since i sat down infront of the desktop coming up with a proper blog post. due to the faulty desktop at home which can't be turned on, i didn't had the chance to blogged. i guess it's virus and I'm persuading sister to send it for repair asap. even until now, it's still in it's faulty condition thus I'm over at a Internet cafe blogging. pathetic huh? well it's not really pathetic. it's better than those youngster who spend their money on lan shop every single day. no offence, though.

so few days back, i went for a filming at the middle of Jurong jungle. and it's from evening till the next morning. yups, me and few others spend our night in a jungle filming for a local movie as an extras. well, to me it's not about being seen on the big screen and boasting to others that you're in the screen for a mere seconds. it's the experienced i had that was an eye opener.

there was afew actors over at the scene too, such as Jack neo, muthu and more. being over there myself, i learnt quite afew things. observing and experiencing the working life as an actor. working late nights and repeating your lines numerous times was tough etc.

no, i wasn't referring to myself, i was referring to Muthu. muthu is an indian actor who have been in the screen for alot of dramas. the skinny, tall indian guy. i truly salute him for being so talented and strong despite him being the oldest among us and the rest of the crews. seeing him having difficulty walking and having difficulty sitting down really wasn't something i expected. something that I'm sad about. maybe he injured his leg or something, i don't really know. and i realised he had been filming the entire night standing and repeating the scenes quite alot. maybe with some rest taken in between. with the age of his, he's a superuncle or anything that describe a senior being tough.

Oh and i enjoyed my night especially with good companions. new made friends who were there for filming too. we were not needed for afew hours so we sat on a canvas altogether. chit chatted and even talked about ghost stories. the night won't be fun without great companion like them. I'm looking forward to seeing all of them again for filming again, like seriously!

acting is something i have always wanted to do apart from modeling. but i don't really have the confident in myself. it's hard not to be shy. I'm a sadist.

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