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Wednesday, June 22, 2011,
Deepest darkest secret.

Every individuals live their life's differently from the rest, experiencing and going through all sorts of obstacle in life. having problems but afraid to share it with others with the thought of being shunned and judged afterwards. everyone has their own deepest darkest secret that has been kept discreetly but have the intention to let it out one day, to someone real close. have you started sharing your secret with the one you trust?

but be careful who you open up to. only afew ppl actually cares, the rest are just curious.

these secrets that are shared are meant to be kept to oneself, not to be a joke or a topic to gossip to others. so if you do know about any secrets about someone else, don't you dare go around and spread it around. it may or may not ruins someone elses life. you don't wanna break the trust don't you? if a mirror is broken, it can never be put back together.

so anyway, talking about deepest darkest secret.

recently, afew friends of mine and myself decided to share our deepest darkest secret, which has been with us for quite some time. i was unwilling to share mine because i was somehow afraid of the outcome. how they will react to it, will they treat me different so on and so fourth. but eventually let out mine to them, because they have already told me theirs, so it's only right i reciprocate with mine. the feeling of letting something out that has been bothering me for some time is nerves cracking yet amazing.

people don't really share their secrets perhaps because of fear, guilt, and maybe they are shy about it. i felt the same too, but i eventually let out mine. i was afraid i would be judged. but surprisingly their reaction was normal. one even said it's a normal thing? i'm confused. so anyway i'm glad to have mine shared to afew of them, feeling much better and i don't really have to hide about it now. sometime's after sharing our deepest darkest secret, we can become real close. talking and sharing about things related to our secrets.

have you let yours out, yet? if you hadn't, then you should start sharing your secrets with the one you truly trust. you might feel better afterwards. it's better than to keep it to yourself, and have no one to confide in.

how can one not have a deepest darkest secret?
and secrets are not about how you abuse your innocent pets, hahaha.

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