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Friday, September 17, 2010,
it's a complicated love story.

So once upon a time, there was a juvenile feeling so depressed he didn't wanna do anything. a poor guy that has been out of a relationship he regretted not treasuring. all he did was to be behind a locked door, hid under the blanket crying like never before. as the heart slowly peels off, he pretended as if nothing has happened. he showed a brave front for he knew crying over the spilled milk wouldn't change anything and he didn't wanna make the people close to him worry. he kept everything to himself knowing that confidential stuff like that shouldn't be shared. he lived his life normally, but spend most of the time thinking about that someone. that someone whom he was in love with previously. the fact that everything wouldn't be the same again. he tried to move on.

but he didn't gave up. sending texts and making calls persistently hoping he would be responded with at least something, even if it's something that could be real harsh. he just need a simple respond, that was it. he even went to the extend of getting a cake to surprise that particular person on that person's birthday. but it ended way to fast, feeling neglected and dumb. he went home and locked himself up. but it seems that even getting a simple respond from that person, was indeed hard. what's the point of running and avoiding him, he thought in angst. is that hatred between them so deep that even responding with a text is a sin? until today, he didn't get any reply. feeling so devastated and upset still. he was ready to sacrifice anything to be back with that person, even if that means cutting his wrist or doing anything physical hurt to himself. yes, things wasn't easy as he thought. why can't they quarrel normally like any other couples, sending harsh texts and explanation to each other etc. the respond meant alot to him thus being persistent.

thinking back, he knew he was at fault. taking that relationship for granted thinking problems could be solved that easily. and now that it has happened, he have the urge to pick up that freaking penknife. he was so foolish and he just wished time could be rewind. being happy with the most suitable person in his life, would be the last wish he would ask for. but nothing's gonna change. he lost hope. he's not intending to get into any other future relationship because he knew that out of the thousand of fishes in the pond, there's only one fish that 'shines the brightest. the one he yearn to be with once again, forever. he never fails to reminiscence the good moments they shared together, previously.

the pathetic juvenile learnt a lesson. and that is "never to take things for granted and always cherish what you have got now before it's too late"

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