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Monday, August 30, 2010,
My absence, iphone's fault!

Hello people, guess who's back to blogging after weeks of not doing so? and the answer's pretty obvious, isn't it! pardon me for neglecting this space of mine. the faulty desktop at home is still in it's faulty condition. i have been looking for people who are specially good in computer stuff but to no avail. thus i have not been blogging since then, really wonder how long will this continue. but not to worry, i shall persuade my sister to get a repairman as soon as possible.

I'm seriously glad that i have my iPhone with me, all the time. even though i may not be blogging, i still am still alive or rather connected to other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. so find me there alrighty! well, someone told me that getting glued to my phone is something i shouldn't be doing at all because it's kinda rude, anti-social. but to me, it's fine as long as i don't do it too often. my phone is somewhat a form of entertainment and a companion to me. but obviously i do know when's the right time to use it and when's not. like who doesn't, right? and i treat my iPhone as a mini desktop cause whatever's on the desktop can be done through the iPhone. dad even nagged at me for being glued to my phone most of the time at home, haha!

that person also told me that the people on these social networking sites aren't my real friends so that's no point being connected twenty-four hours a day. and i beg to differ. i treat every single good souls on these social networking sites as my friends. it doesn't matter whether we have met each other in real life or not, cause one fine day, we eventually will. and perhaps after that meet-up. we might become close friends or for some, being in a relationship! that's how thing works. it's these little sites that brings friends together! for real.

Bye for now!

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