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Monday, April 19, 2010,
Better late than never!

So before i start, the reason why i choose the caption "Better late than never" instead of many others. perhaps because this post is about th Hari raya 2009 which was few months back! but i'm blogging about it only now. have been procastinating to blog about it till now cause i just feel like it. ahaha!

Hari raya was as usual, visiting relatives house and of course collecting the green packets!Oh and for your infomation, my family and the closest cousin's family will always be visiting relatives house as a whole. and of course, we will never fail to wear the same colour each year for the baju kurung. for both male and female! just that the design for the female's are a little different from the males. going out as a whole is very fun. but i dread walking long distances!

"Tadah" Us camwhoring while walking! the rest are either walking behind us or didn't want to have their picture taken. don't mind the big heads ah! :P

Lunatic group photos!

Ahahah candid much?

Ending this post with a chio photo of my hair! :D

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