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Sunday, April 18, 2010,
Fanciful highcut shoes!

If my memory doesn't fail me, i have only bought few pairs of sneakers. cause i didn't know that shoes also played a part in making one look attractive. i wasn't into shoes previously hence not bothering to consider getting a pair of shoes. even if I'm getting a pair of shoe, i will just anyhowly pick the ones that caught my eyes. i dont really like staying too long in a shop cause i will be constantly being watched by the sales person, like which person doesn't get watched while in a shop. I will be pretty satisfied as long as i have already gotten myself a new shoes.

The recent shoe that i got was from Leftfoot, Ceneleisure level 2 if i'm not wrong. there was loads of variety to choose from, that eventually gives one a massive headache deciding what to get! ahaha. but i took less than 5minute to get mine after going through the shoes one after another.

Anyhow like i said earlier, i randomly picked a shoe that caught my eyes without considering it any further. so here's a photo of me wearing it. i think its quite simple, but nonetheless i still love it! ahaha.High cut shoes are now in my wish-list! Muahaha. and if i'm not wrong they are now the "In" thing for fashion. i have seen lots of juvenile wearing it these days. awesome much?

Varieties of shoes! i wanna get one soon :)

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