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Tuesday, June 28, 2011,
Picnic at Marina Barrage!

Gosh, recently i have been to quite afew picnics and bbq gathering, just afew days ago was with my classmates and guess what, i'm having picnic session with my other friends next week, at the same venue summore! wtf my life is all about me having picnic session with friends, hahaha. of course not! i'm contemplating if i should blog about my next picnic after i blogged about the recent one. maybe, maybe not. anyways, i love picnic! lots of catching up and stuff. all we are supposed to do is to enjoy to the fullest. don't have to worry about school stuffs etc, who the hell think about work and school related stuff when they're having picnic anyways? if you're one of them, then i'm speechless!

getting used to sleeping and waking up late during the school holidays, loving my life a tad more now. to hell with waking up early and dragging myself to school doing the same old stuff. thank god for the long break, but i'm pathetically left with another two weeks before school reopens, rawrr. now i wish time would pass slower.

The venue of our picnic was at Marina barrage, the best place to have a picnic session in my opinion. Sentosa is fine, but Marina Barrage is like the perfect place. there's beautiful green grass, beautiful scenery and you can fly your kites summore! beat that.

Don't understand why tiffany likes to take shots like that, i have a similar photo of me in this position drinking water. facepalm.

Us sitting under the shelter, away from the hot sun!

Love this shot and the greenish effect! sweetzz

Tiffany ~ Me ~ gumingben

You must be thinking that i'm nuts wearing that despite the humid sun. i was sweating non stop but it didnt stop me from wearing that. *Flicks hair*

Them flying the kite!

Me, tiffany and guming tring to camwhore with the scenery.

Jessamyn, Afeeq and tiffany (always her)

i don't play but i pretend. me with Joshua's guitar, Lolol.

Tiffany and guming tried doing the jump shot and one of tiffany's slipper got thrown away while jumping, epic fail! hahaha. and look at their faces, so priceless! thank god i didn't do it, heh!

below are group shot of us! look at my classmates! they're not bad looking right? thank god my class has quite a number of goodlooking people. we blend! hahahaha ^^

Posing with guming

And three camwhore photos of me! i know you love it, LOLOL!

Jessamyn, tiffany and me.

Bought lightsticks intending to take photos with it in the evening but turn out that the lightstick can't be used, i broke the stick but there wasn't any glow. nehneh they cheated my feelings! so i act cute with it. show it, balance it on mouth and tried putting it into my nose, which obviously i didn't!

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