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Wednesday, December 30, 2009,
Hat-py party, 24seven.

Yesterday's party with 24seven and other bloggers was indeed memorable.
even thought we didn't really communicate with the others real much.
but by just observing those smiles really made my day,no doubt!

anyway before i get on, i had to find a partner to replace Jolene's place.
yups at the very last minute, she told me that she couldn't tag along!
so i panic a bit and tried asking friends if they're free in the evening.
the answer was obvious enough, no one was free that evening!
i was on the verge of not attending the party.

so i text Bobby while he was working. persistently asking him to go.
finally he agreed after much persuading from me. ha!
really thanks to him for accompanying me there, though.
i wouldn't be there if he didn't tag along. being alone is boring!

oh and he actually took his own sweet time just to meet me.
The bus came late and there was a heavy traffic hence us being late!
met Joey and her companion there for the very first time,
after three pathetic long years of being cyber friends. ha.
and before i forget, thanks Joey for lending me the straw hat.

The theme was crazy HAT-py party so we're supposed wearing crazy hats.
the place was filled with the most awesome hats, ever!
Bobby had to use those party hats cause he didn't had any. hilarious.
anyhow really thanks 24seven for the invite! much love, heh! :)

Bobby had to use this hat that was provided by them. awesome hor?

My favourite drink, Fruit punch!

Camwhore in the gents! yay or nay?

Nonsense companion for the night, babi! bobby la, heh!

Chio building that changes it's design. beautiful much!


Probably meeting Bobby once again, and other friends for countdown later.
since my own cliques are busy with their stuff. i understand, ha!
but i'm not sure where should we head for an awesome view.
last year's was a disaster. the trees were blocking our view when the
fireworks started we were on our way to marina barrage. pathetic much!

foolish idea of walking at the thought that it's more efficient.
so i have really no idea where will we be tonight, major headache.
the crowd areas are so gonna kill me for sure!
i'm gonna make a new years resolution in a whiles time.
everyone does have their own resolution for each year, right?
anyhow Happy new year everyone. lets hope for a better new year (2010)!

Th'delex resolution for 2010!

☺ get a suitable job for myself
☺ Spend my birthday with more people, memorable one.
☺ get everything on my wishlist.
☺ study, study, study! yes don't doubt me.
☺ have a special companion, teehee!
☺ enjoy 2010 to the fullest.
☺ more outing/meetups with cliques.
☺ like always, keep on living my dream.
☺ get a desired body shape/figure.
☺ new hairstyle if possible.
☺ murder those people that i detest! major LOL.

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