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Saturday, December 26, 2009,
S'pore idol 2009. Who's the one.

So say who do you think will be crowned the winner of Singapore idol09.
whoever your votes goes to, remember to catch the finale on 5 tonight! 8pm.
okay I'm not a patriotic fan lah! at least not for this year.

I still remember vaguely that i actually went to the roadshow last year.
together with my fella mates. and gotten ourself a ticket to the finale!
with the obvious answer that we were darn excited can!

so we went to the indoor stadium excitedly with our "Hady Mirza" tee!
haha,i just realized that it's silly.
we bought those alphabet stickers and stick it to out plain blue shirt.
if I'm not wrong, we are supposed to be wearing anything blue only
if we are supporting hardy! not so hardcore fans, alright!

settled down and we got ready with our thingy that was given.
i don't know what it's called. those typical things to make noise?!
it's totally fine if you guys don't get it.

anyway,yups everyone was jumping and crying when Hady was crowned!
like who doesn't feel happy for their idol that they are supporting.
Totally missed those days. and I'm watching the finale from home.
how pathetic!i actually wanted to get the tickets, desperately lor.
but i was late in doing so. whatever then.
I'm in love :)

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