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Friday, January 1, 2010,
Arrival of 2010, Happy new year!

The first day of 2010 and how's everyone feeling? I'm great! i presume all resolution have been made by all individuals. so i was at Esplanade to observe the arrival of 2010 with Bobby & Chanel. Yups, different location and different companion from last year. the place was terribly crowded as expected. actually even more packed! even ants step we took, we got pushed persistently. how pathetic!

there wasn't any fresh air since loads of coconuts are roaming too. let's say they're welcoming the New year with us. honoured right? heh. oh and i totally forgotten to scrub myself with dettol when i reached home. okay la, i was just pulling your legs. not offend eh. anyway we didn't take any photos

yesterday. so no photos for now! but rest assured there will be photos for the next post. cause I'm meeting cliques to celebrate Jolene's birthday tml, wheee! oh, no photos of the fireworks neither. awesome or what!

So, cousin wanted her ezlink card at the very last minute. i insist that Bobby and Chanel to take the bus first,they were tired. went to pass cousin the ezlink card, alone at city hall. Waited for the bus for half hour at two different bus stops can! there were loads of people waiting so i thought theres still buses.

then i realised it's only the night rider!! sadly to say, my place doesn't have any night rider lah. tsk! i was kinda pissed waiting for the taxi aftermaths. took me almost an hour plus just to get a darn cab. people were everywhere! beside the roadside and at the taxi stand.

so i thought of walking down the road might be much efficient. foolish! i actually walked from City hall to somewhere Sim lim square can ): tired and sleepy. i did observe night life at the same time. people heading to clubs and people getting drunk. totally freaked me out when i saw drunk people getting too violent. yay! I'm gonna be 18 in a month plus time! I'm gonna be legal. hurhur!

okay specially thanks to Joey, my brother and Bobby! Joey for texting me while i walked through those empty roads. brother for being so concern about me. and Bobby sacrificing your sleep. Omg really thank you! happy new year Piggy's! hope you guys will enjoy the new year, 2010!

Happy birthday Jolene!

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