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Friday, January 8, 2010,
Mundane Life of mine. boo!

Believe it or not, i have been staying home for the past few days! seriously.
i barely stepped out of the house to meet someone for an outing/shopping.
excluding me meeting friends near my place and going to provision shops!
yups, i have been living my mundane life at home, pathetic much.

Not that i choose it to be this way. in fact i have always dreaded staying home. i would rather choose to be out with anyone can! major sigh.
because my cousins are schooling, Nata's working and i believe Jolene have left town for Bangkok. the rest I'm not too sure!

and not forgetting, I'm trying to save money for my upcoming birthday!
so I'm scrimping as much as i can. that's possible the reason why I'm seldom out of house these few days.
but i guess staying home isn't a bad idea afterall, right?
especially when you're home alone. the whole house is yours! muahaha.

As a person who ve high expectation of cleanliness. i did some of the work.
i cleaned the house to make it spick and span. but alas the last thing i knew
was that everything have gone back to square one, messy once again!

because when cousins and family are back home, they don't really care
about the mess. but i do! which means all my effort that i put in was somehow wasted. so frustrating. okay I'm actually not a home-ly guy!
I'm just another typical juvenile who likes and expect a clean environment to
live in. who who doesn't! tsk.

instead of staying home and sit infront of the desktop for hours.
i did something that actually put a smile on my face, aftermaths.
yes, a sign of satisfaction! something have been done, clean environment!
not all guys would want to do things like this, cleaning etc. except me.
so chio bu out there, I'm single and available! *While stock last* muahaha.
okay okay enough, i shall go and shower nao! bye Pigs :)

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