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Sunday, January 3, 2010,
Excited like never before!

Okay i have been waiting for this for quite some time, my 18th birthday!
like who with the right mind would'nt feel excited when their birthday is
drawing nearer as day pass, right? expecially when youre gonna be legal!

maybe weilong is right, so what if i'm 18 and legal. it's nothing.
cause i won't be clubbing anyway. but seriously, who knows! ha.
let's leave that after my birthday. hurhur!

so i have not plan anything and have nothing in mind on how should
i celebrate it, omg i totally need some idea please! much appreciated.
maybe something simple will do. simplicity is the best!

well, i thought of just going out with my cliques on the day itself and
book a bbq pit as a belated celebration! jolene suggest we have picnic
at Marina Barrage on my birthday. major headache can!

nothing special this year as i just want it to be simple.
as long as i'm celebrating it with cliques and we're happy.
mark this on your calendar, 7th february. my birthday! muahaha.
you guys better not let it slip through your mind hor!

shall end abruptly here as i have no ideas already. boo!
anyhow, ideas are welcome too. byebye piggy's.

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