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Monday, January 4, 2010,
Cruelty to innocent animals.

I was flipping through pages of the newspaper out of boredom one evening.
felt angry to learnt that cats were deliberately thrown down from above.
the incident was somehow not new to those people living there.

therefore this might be the work of a serial killer.
a person who doesn't like, or perhaps hate cats to the ultimate core to
the extend of dumping innocent cats down from high rise housing block.
what was the person thinking? they are utterly inhuman, i swear!
being violent doesn't solved the soloution, seriously.

don't understand why must they resort to this. i think those cats were
not being a nuisance at all. other than doing their business anywhere
they want. cats obviously doesn't know whats right and whats wrong.
provided only they're well trained, then they should know their
shitting whereabouts.

even a toddler doesn't know how to pee at the right place/time.
they need pampers. cats are free to do their business anywhere
they want, especially on those grass patch. so people shouldn't
be angry just because of that. that's plain ridiculous.

talking about cats making noise. i doubt cats make more noise than dogs.
cats only "meows" when they're hungry and stuff. and they're not even
loud, at all. dogs can actually bark ten time louder than a cat.
so i guess people shouldn't be angry over the amount of noises
those cats make.

Really wonder why for some stupid reasons, people dislike cats.
perhaps some of them are filthy, yes they are. but majority of
them are harmless. wild dogs can be filthy and aggressive at times.
okay just for your information, i love both dogs and cats.
obviously not being biased here. but the fact that cats are the
ones who were thrown down/murdered. not dogs.

i understand not only cats are abused. most animal are abused!
they're either poured with piping hot water, skinned alive,
cane, slaughtered etc. cruelty to animal should be reported so
that the serial animal abuser can be jail or even nicer, CANE!
if i have the chance to help those animal.

i would also dumped the abuser from above! let them feel what it is like to be
thrown down from above. shall be mean! muahaha.
okayokay shall end here! i'm so hungry! :)

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