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Tuesday, January 12, 2010,
The unexpected feeling occurs.

Since it's pouring outside & i have nothing better to do, i shall blog!
Thought of blogging few days back, but i backspaced everything for
no specific reason. maybe because i was too lazy and there wasn't any
motivation in me at all. theres still some motivation today, th rain!

have you guys ever felt guilty of not fulfilling your promise to
someone. and that the someone is gonna be out of town the day
after tomorrow? yups, i felt seriously guilty the night before.
i shed some tears out of sudden. but strangely for a person whom
i barely knew. a total stranger.

i was pondering hard on why was i even tearing for that someone.
you guys need not bother to interrogate me on who's that person.
maybe because i can't help but to feel upset for not fulfilling my
promise to that someone, and that the person is gonna be out
of town the next day. I'm a emotional guy who can't bear to
see anybody leave. even if it's a perfect stranger. I'm weird!

I should stop talking about this seriously, period!
shall blog about the "Unglam things" that happened to me.
omg i seriously can't think of anything much!
Only #3 Unglam part okay! shall blog more next time.

Takglam1; this happened yesterday when i visited my friends place.
went to the washroom at the thought of washing my feet. i seriously
don't feel at ease without washing my feet after i enter the house.
back to the story, Turn the thingy and the next thing i knew was
that i was drenched by the rainwater above me. So dumb can!
My wallet and mobile phone was not spared.
My stylo hair was down because of the water! I felt embarrassed a bit.

Takglam2; there was once where i chatted with mickey out of
boredom. and i did it along the corridor of my house.
a neighbour walked pass and heard me talking to mickey.
she must have thought that I'm insane! she even smiled to herself!

Takglam3; Was out with bobby and it was pouring heavily.
i wore my shoe on that day. stood outside a shop. my legs was
fidgeting with the metal slope, i missed a step and fell down
on my knees! obviously a few people saw it. i pretended that
i'm okay. but that bobby stood there, laughing at me! tsk..

that's the three of them. i'm pretty sure you guys have had your
unglam moment in your life too, right! maybe it's even worst than
mine. so stop laughing at me can! ha, *Smirk*

Those those who are feeling down because of their results,
don't dwell on it already. life still have to move on.
it's obviously not the end! at least you've tried your best! (:

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