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Sunday, January 17, 2010,
Wants a new hair colour!

For the past three months, i have been having the same hair colour.
obviously anyone would tend to get sick of having the same
hair colour for months! especially when the black roots are
rapidly showing as each day passed.

and so, i thought of getting a new colour for my hair.
a colour which is not too Bright. i thought that dark brown
would be a great idea but it's woefully to common in Singapore.
I'm not gonna get anything brighter than my current one!
when I'm standing under the sun with the current one,
my hair is mad bright. which i don't really like.

i guess I'm sticking with my current one for a while until
i have a urge to have my whole hair re-coloured. ha!

Anyway, my idea on how i would be celebrating my birthday
have been finalized. at least on where would i be celebrating it.
haven't decide on the food and stuff yet, will be plan later on.
will be having a bbq pit probably at East Coast park like always!

Fyi, my birthdays have always been celebrated by having a bbq.
at least for me, i think bbq is the best. me love bbq-ing!!
but maybe with more friends who will be invited.
i don't really need a grand birthday celebration. i just need
good companion and music. it's the thoughts the counts anyway!

Wooohoo i'm madly excited even though it's weeks away.
i'm still in the midst of saving up cash *Ka-ching2*
those who wants to be invited, please contact me via phone, facebook,
messenger or even tag me. it's my pleasure having more guest.
the more. the merrier! Muahahaha. see ya around! Muacks.

It's on 7 February 2010 (Sunday) Venue haven't been comfirmed.
follow me on Twitter if you haven't for updates/finalized idea.

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