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Tuesday, January 12, 2010,
What's your dream?


I'm pretty sure every single one of us have our own perfect dream.
a dream where you yearn to be for the longest time.
Still remember when you a kid in school when your teacher would question
on what do you plan to be when you grow up? what was your answer.

i don't remember having anything on my mind when we were asked back then.
being a blur and innocent boy, i was too shy to speak up.
thus i would just sit while everyone raised their hands up high.
few of them took turns to tell everyone about their dreams.
yesh, the dream of an imaginative young kids in school.

but now as we grow older, we tend to be even more observant.
we're not like the blur kids that we were before.
obviously we're very sure of what we wanna be now.
and i have only one dream in particular for the time being.

majority of you guys would know what's my dream. don't doubt!
when one have a dream, we must fulfil it no matter what!
hence i took one step closer by enrolling into a modeling agency.
and that's none other than Shine agency!

my dream is to become a model, be it on runways or commercial.
despite knowing the fact that my chances are somehow low.
cause i don't have the height and look of a model!
guess i will have to keep dreaming of becoming one.

i have always admired models on runways and on advertisements.
and yearn to be like them in the near future. i hope!
i have to keep working hard. action speaks louder than words.
so that's what i wanna be when i grow up. how about you guys?


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