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Monday, February 22, 2010,
Being looked down upon.

So here i am again having difficulties trying to start this very first sentence of the post! never fail to take more than a minute to start an entry!

I'm sure every individual doesn't fancy being criticized and made fun of. but why do people still call other people names and start making a joke out of them, be it victim's a friend of theirs or just typical strangers on a train. do you know that the person that you are making fun of do feel what we are supposed to feel when we are mocked at? yes, being hurt!

the majority of the victim are those people who are bigger in size than us, if I'm not wrong.even if you want to make fun of someone else, please look deep in the mirror. which particular part of you makes you better than them. and even you look gorgeous, so what?! that doesn't gives you the ultimate right to discriminate someone and even worst to call them names.

imagine a random big sized girl sitting on the train and touching up on her make up. then someone tweet it and tells his/her followers that he/she saw a "Pig" touching up on her make up. that's ridiculously biased. just because she's fat, she can't doll herself up?! puerile thinking of yours! grow up for goodness sake. if you have something to comment about someone or something, jolly well keep it to yourself! it would be much appreciated.

try being in their shoes, being overweight and then to be looked down upon.
how would you exactly feel when you're a joke among people?so please think before you talk/make fun of people! some discrimination can lead to a life and death situation, obviously committing suicide just because they feel insecure!

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