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Sunday, January 31, 2010,
Inconsiderate smokers!

I wasn't that aware that by inhaling smokes can actually cause us to fall sick.
not until yesterday when i visited my younger cousin who was brought to the hospital immediately when she had difficulty breathing.

it's believed that she was inhaling smokes unknowingly, probably when she was at the back of our house the other day with brother and friends who are known as the "heavy smokers", at least to me. she wasn't aware that by being a passive, or rather a "second-hand" smokers can be very dangerous! shes too young to know, anyway. she's been warded for three days and will eventually be discharge today for some reason. perhaps shes recovering well, hope so!

As a permanent smokers, you have to at least know when and where is the right time to light your cigarette butt. obviously, not somewhere near a minor and those who don't smokes since you already know that they will somehow be a passive smoker and what are the consequences of being one. you wouldn't want your precious one or the innocent ones to end up
being in a hospital just because of your inconsiderate acts, don't you?

cause when one is a passive smoker, the awfully consequences are causing you to have a disease, disability and death. that's the most heartless thing you could do when you're deliberately blowing smokes directly at someone's face. i had been a victim, and yes theres no doubt that i, myself is a passive smokers cause i usually hangs out with friends who smokes not knowing that being a second hand smoker is dangerous. but i do know, now! Omg.

according to the Wikipedia, the effects of being a passive smokers are;

Cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, brain tumor, ear/nose/throat infection, heart disease, lung problems, asthma and many more! that's absolutely alot just by being a passive smoker, don't you think so! torturing much.

some brainless smokers doesn't takes law seriously, thus you can see almost those places that are prohibited to smoking will have those inconsiderate smokers! they should be punish severely, period. especially to those who doesn't gives a hack to "warning" and thought that they are superior just by breaking the law. please! *roll eyes umpteen times*

some smokers just simply don't understand the word or sign that says;

"No Smoking. Prohibited by law"

I reckon every single one knows what it says, right! we're not that dumb can. even if an individual doesn't knows how to read it, they should get the idea when they see the sign/picture of an cigarette being crossed out. it's common sense people! so get the effed out of the places that are prohibited. be considerate, it doesn't kills to smoke at some other open air places.

sometimes i really feel pissed when some old uncle barge into the lift without even dumping his cigarettes, and the lift is later filled with smokes. and of course, those who are in the lift will then somehow be a second hand smoker! theres a time and place for everything. please think twice before lighting up your cigarette butts. if every single one of us takes this seriously, the world will absolutely be a better place to live in, without any doubt! hah.

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