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Saturday, January 23, 2010,
Photo that proof you wrong.

So i'm writing on this post after i read a comment on my tagboard by someone who doesn't believe that i'm a freelance model. i'm not gonna sit back and do nothing about it showing them that i'm a defeatist and let them write & spam my tagboard.

seriously i don't think it's worth to come up with a post just for one person that doesn't believe. so i shall just write a little and upload a photo just to proof that i ain't lying. i doubt anyboby will go around telling lies that
they are a model. and i'm absolutely not boasting, modeling is nothing.
it's my dream and i have the right to fulfil it.

so this photo was months back where i first joined Shine agency.
my first photoshoot and first com-card. but i was rather nervous and shy
hence the picture didn't turned out as great. as a newbie, i obviously
didn't knew how to pose and stuff. overall i think it turned out fine
but am not too happy with it. craving for another! haha.

Guess i shall end abruptly here since it's suppose to be a "short post".
picture tells a thousand words and it doesn't lies/veritable get it?
i guess that's it and those people have absolutely no rights to
prevaricate me as and when they like. good day ya'll! :)

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