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Tuesday, January 26, 2010,
Hendersons waves, killer!

Went out with bobby yesterday to pass his sister something. a last minute
decision to meet so i just tagged along as i was bored at home.
brother initially wanted to follow but back out the last minute.

so we took the bus which was quite long, to Harbourfront.
& from there we took another bus to Pasir panjang where his sister works at.
i seriously am not a fan of long bus rides even though i thought that it's not that bad sometimes, contradicting!

Oh we even got a free regular pizza from his sister probably as a token of
appreciation since we went all the way there just to passed some thing. ha!
the pizza was awesome to the max, it's not those normal pizza, shitty i totally forgotten whats the company of the one we had! short term memory.

Never mind about that, we headed to Hendersons waves after that.
that was Bobby's first time there and he almost died of exhaustion!
only i could see that expression he had as he helplessly climbing the steps
all the way to the top! ha. me too, almost died although it's my second time climbing all the way up to reached the Hendersons waves!
didn't complete the journey till Hortpark cause we were tired!!

i cant describe how fantastic it is up there, it's just beautiful!

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