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Friday, January 22, 2010,
Oh, so fickle minded!

So i was at home yesterday when a person actually asked me out. i was reluctant at first but changed my mind since i thought that it was not a bad idea going out on a utterly boring day. and also i have yearned to be out since dinosaur years!that person was persistently asking me to meet but didn't rang me up when he was supposed to.

so i decided not to expect any call since i saw it coming. i hit the jackpot, the person didn't call or even turn up for whatever reason which i was not informed. i got pissed since i was pathetically waiting like a fool. total fool it is. my eyes was constantly looking at my phone awaiting for the call.

but luckily i was at home. but i guess some things are not worth getting angry over, right? especially when you're not close to that particular person. Seriously what's with people who persistently asking to meet but not turning up later. For goodness sake, please don't be so fickle minded!

and i hate those who are always changing their mind at the very last minute. If you want to meet someone & did persuaded them many times, please bloody hell show up. Guess i ain't gonna meet you. Once bitten, twice shy!

but of course my mood isn't effected by it, though. Some things are just not worth getting angry over! as for me. i don't give a darn to people that doesn't have any priorities in my life. what's the point of persuading someone to meet up but in the end you're the one who didn't turned up. ridiculous!

i guess i know how to reciprocate when you are gonna ask me out because i can presage what's gonna happen again. cause i have learnt something that i
didn't really expected. don't ever expect me to be nice to you from now on.

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